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August 01, 2013

White House: Russia gave us no heads up on Snowden

The Obama administration is "extremely disappointed" with Russia's decision to allow Edward Snowden to leave a Moscow airport -- a decision it made without giving the White House a heads up, Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

The decision came "despite our very clear and lawful requests in public and in private to have Mr. Snowden expelled to the United States to face the charges against him," Carney said, reiterating the administration's stance that Snowden is neither a dissident, nor a whistleblower.

"He is accused of leaking classified information and has been charged with three felony counts, and he should be returned to the United States as soon as possible, where he will be accorded full due process and protections," Carney said.

He said the US would be in contact with Russian authorities, "expressing our extreme disappointment in this decision, and making the case clearly that there is absolute legal justification for Mr. Snowden to be returned to the United States."

And he said the U.S. is evaluating whether Obama will attend a planned September meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Carney sidestepped Sen. John McCain's suggestion that Russia's decision was a deliberate attempt to embarrass the U.S., calling it "an unfortunate development," and adding that, "in terms of motivations for a decision like this, I would leave it to Russian authorities to describe them."

He defended Obama's Russia policy and the U.S.'s reset with Russia, saying its produced "positive benefits," including cooperation from Russia on the transit of supplies to US troops in Afghanistan and efforts to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions.

But Carney said the administration's frustration is not limited to Russia not following extradiction treaties: There's also U.S.-Russia relations, he said, and "the matter of the release in an unauthorized fashion of classified information and the possible release of more classified information."

He said the "possession of that kind of highly sensitive, classified information outside of secure areas is both a huge risk and a violation."

Obama spoke personally with Putin about Snowden weeks ago and Carney said the words his spokesman used -- "very disappointed, extremely disappointed" -- were a reflection of Obama's level of disappointment.


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Da Zrebe

Oh Po Pitiful me. The World loves me the First Black in the WH and this Cracker from Russia stiffs me....!!!

Putin your a Racist if you don't bow down to my Black Butt and give me what I want...!!!

You know, in a Fight Putin will stomp your Blackness.

derfel cadarn

Putin is losing no sleep over what the whiner in chief or his regime thinks.


Anyone notice that Snowden, Manning and Assanges never reveal anything about Israel?
What else have they done?

9/11, US and Israel:



so what now? Obama won't give Putin USA nuclear codes until next month


The US gov't is run by clowns.


Snowden is a turd. Putin is a toilet. Snowden is going to get his soon enough. Nobody asked that piece of crap to release documents which he stole mind you, and put our national security at risk.

All the bashing of Obama...shut the fuck up already.


To: PBS mind in a Fox News world

Understand your point, but I was not referring to that type of criminal activity. Look back through the history at the number of Soviet/Russian intelligence agents that have defected to the US. How many were actually returned to Russia?


Putin has been one step ahead of Obama for years...

Obama has now threatened to call of a meeting with Putin...

NOW that IS Leadership...

maybe he can blame Bush or the House GOP....


Obama went on his apology tour four years ago, what does he expect. He doesn't have the leverage a Reagan or Bush America had to stand up to the Russians, those days are gone now. When Putin hears Obama demand something, it must go in one ear, and out the other. Get used to it, the transformation is complete.

Mark Richardson

Russia didn't bother clearing this with Obama, but Obama always clears everything with Putin.
I get it.


Gonna go out on limb here and risk saying. Russia doesn't bow down or take orders from Obama or the White House.I'd even bet Putin doesn't bow to the same Sheik or top people Obama does.

Dan Goucho

Obama doesn't deserve a heads up. In fact, he deserves nothing but the title of worst Islamic pandering idiot to ever hold office.

I don't blame Putin for ingoring Obama. Any country that deals with Obama should expect nothing but smiles and lies...smiles and lies.

PBS mind in a Fox News world

To: Archer

You are incorrect, sir. The United States has cooperated on several occasions in returning criminals wanted in Russia to Russian authorities:

List of seven Russians the United States returned specifically upon request by Moscow officials. The cases stretch over five years, not two years as Kerry stated, and demonstrate a pattern of cooperation:

• Stanislav Stanislav Satarinov, 34, wanted for drug smuggling; returned on March 27;

• Yevgeniy Nagorskiy, age not given, wanted for larceny and fraud; returned on Oct. 5;

• Stanislav Tskhovrebov, 34, sought for fraud and embezzlement; returned on March 29, 2012;

• Natalia Boyarintseva, 56, sought for fraud; returned on Nov. 9, 2011;

• Boris Rogatovsky, 44, wanted for organized crime and auto theft; returned on Nov. 28, 2009;

• David Stepanyants, 44, sought for robbery; returned on Oct. 17, 2009;

• Aleksandr Savgira, 41, sought for embezzlement; returned on Aug. 13, 2008.

This behavior by Russia is very unfortunate and unwise on their part.


Obama, he is Putin's houseboy.


Put the show on the other foot. If the US had someone from the Russian government do what Snowden did and sought asylum in the US, do you really think we would turn him back over to Russia?


Reagan called Russia an "Evil Empire", now the USA has become the Evil Empire.


Odummer has made the U.S. the laughing stock of the world. Biden's even more of a moron. NSA bite me!

el jefe

this klown of a POTUS has said more and done less than any I can ever recall..

Justin Case

I never thought I would live to see the day that an American would need to escape to Russia and seek asylum from the evil that has over taken the USA. Our government s gone, replaced by pure evil and can not be fixed. Our liberty, free market and economy has been dismantled. To those of you idiots who will vote republican or democrats next time... Well, I hope your families suffer for your ignorance. My peace flee your life and the flee the lives of all your descendants.


Better to be hated and feared than hated and mocked!
I miss Bush!!


We have become insignificant around the world!

dennis brown

Inept foreign policy from an inept President.

John Galt

Thank you for your extreme disappointment. Now please fuck off!!!

Rip VanBullwinkle

Didn't Obama's boot lickers say the NSA spying on citizens thing was a phony scandal? If it's a phony scandal, why extradite and prosecute Snowden?


It's a sad day for America when whistle-blowers are the ones that bring the transparency that President Obama promised the American people as his campaign promise that never came to be.

It's still not to late for our commander in chief to right many of his wrongs, defying the constitution is not something the American people are ok with.

It's a shame he will go down as the worst president in history if things continue as they are now.

Very sad, I really had hoped that the change Obama promised would be for the good. Let's hope the next three years aren't like the last five.


IMHO this could have all been resolved by a phone call or two.

I'm certain we (the U.S. Government) are holding people that Putin would like back. If we had to give over every Russian held to get Snowden back it would have been worth it.

The street cred of this administration would have gone way up if we could have negotiated with Putin given the fact he is one of the most powerful leaders of State there is in the entire world.

Snowden deserves whatever comes to him. May he live in interesting times.


If America is using the system to catch terrorist, that is great and is very positive. But if it is being use to spy on private people that is not good. I can understand that billion if not trillion of dollars is spent on technology, you have to get something in return even if you have to target innocent people. America is a business more than it is a country. Most of the decisions are business decisions and is made to look political. Excuse my grammar.

dennis brown

How is Hillary's RESET working out? Worst Secretary of State in modern history




Vlad Putin owns Obama.

myron monk

Nothing like watching one brutal socialist disrespect another. Putin to BOzo... "Go ____ yourself."


There is not one country which respects Obama, including America.

Georgie Rake

I hope he now is able to dissapear, never to be heard from again. May he live a long and happy life wherever he may call home.


Really??? You mean Russia actually has the nerve to make a decision without checking with obama first?

Nicely done Vladimir!

Joy Marie Hemlock

May God bless you President Putin for allowing this whistleblower refuge. He is a WHISTLEBLOWER who did the American people and the nations.... especially one particular person a HUGE FAVOR in being truthful.
Thank you for allowing him a place of peace from a ever growing corrupted government. May Jesus be with you in all of your decisions President Putin. (I am very thankful Snowden did NOT go to Latin America wink wink Ed.)


Putin will do what he wants and Obama will continue to bow low to him and other world leaders. Obama is a wuss and other countries no this.
Obama will be in Moscow in September and I expect to see a low bow picture and a robotic Obama 'oh shucks' smile he gives about twenty thousand times. What a fake and empty suit Barry is.


Thought Putin was trying to get rid of gays.

Hugh Beaumont

If I were Snowden I'd go way out into the country and start raising Russian wolfhounds. I'm sure Bama's got lots of moles that are already tracking him down.

Mr. Derp

I guess Putin is showing that he can be more flexible after the election as well!


Who is in charge in the WH, a 14-year-old? They expected a call? Obama's team are professional amateurs.

fuck the UN

lol AWESOME! too bad they screwed Manning over..traitors running this corrupt govt should be jailed


Obama isn't worthy of courtesy.


Just why should Russia give a "heads up" to Obama on anything? Putin stated, days if not weeks ago, that Russia had NEVER "given" anybody up to any one. Wonder what Barack Hussein thought that meant? Maybe Barack Hussein believes Putin lies just like Barack Hussein does and hence he should never believe and statement. If we had a LEADER rather than a hider (hiding behind statements and blaming others) and that leader worked for the country rather than against we would not be in this position. If we had a LEADER rather than a blamer, he would not have run the government as if all citizens were his enemy and there would have been no need to release information that our President spies on us all.


Who could imagine that we would see the day that US citizens escape from their own tyrannical government to Russia. Is Russia more free than the US these days? One has to wonder.


gee, Obama and wh is disappointed....
how about...
ALL OF AMERICA is disappointed in that clown Obama and his leftwing agenda.


This administrations belief that decades of animosity can be overcome because we ask for it shows their complete ignorance of both human nature and international relations. If I were Russian I would think the US administration is week and we can do what ever we want to because of their weakness. It's like facing down a stray dog. Don't show that any weakness otherwise it will be exploited. The best thing that can be done right now is to respond with strength. Putin is lucky I'm not the president. I'd have my foot up his ....


Looks like that little gymnast isn't Putin's only b*tch...


Barack Obama is a joke to other world leaders. BO has no moxie. The damage to his brain because of his "enthusiastic" drug abuse as a kid has rendered him a pip-squeak in the eyes of those with some intelligence.

P Tooey

Obama is the porter on Pooty's train.

Toot Sweet Pete

Looks like white boy stuck his finger in the black boys eye

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