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Violence in Mexico, and the U.S. role

This is a very short video that attempts to explain the levels of violence in Mexico, its impact on the citizenry and the U.S. role in the violence. It notes that despite the high level of deaths in Mexico, the flow of narcotics northward hasn't noticeably declined. I spotted this from a tweet by Univision, the Spanish language broadcaster, that led me to this website, but don't know anything else about the makers of the video, which whether you agree or not is quite well done.


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Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

Dear clamboslice, your stupidity knows no boundaries, or shame, as its usually the case with ignorant people.

While is true that Mexico has a ton of social issues the particular issue of drugs is an American responsibility.

Mexicans, despite all their problems, are not drug addicts, and they do not constitute a significant market. The United States of America in the other hand is the biggest narcotic market in the face of the Earth.

Indeed, Mexicans are fighting an American war, as it is the US' policy that creates an illegal narcotic market while the populations demands drugs.

Moreover, your whole argument ignores the empirical evidence, during the prohibition in the United States. Gangs that illegally sold and traded Alcohol didn't have any issues finding people to support them, was it because of the United States poor social conditions? I highly doubt it.

By your pathetic use of the word socialism, it's indeed very likely that you're a market fundamentalist, if you are, then you should know well in advance that the monetary incentives generated by a big market with plenty of demand (and relatively low supply) are more than enough to recruit troops.

In summary, you're an idiot that overestimates its intellectual capacity, as it's often the case with incompetent people, in fact, it has a name: The Dunning–Kruger effect.


Mexico itself is to blame. I have lived in Mexico.
Without tens of thousands of willing young men where would narcos get their soldiers?
Just 33% of Mexican adults have finished high school.
Many Mexicans have low incomes and yet have children they cannot even feed.
So, these young men with no education, no hope and no money are easy to recruit into crime.
Don't give me that nonsense that USA caused Sinaloa to grow poppies and make heroin.
The Mexican PRI for decades loved to blame everything on the USA. This is a tradition in Mexico, and everyone does it always.
Americans blame things on CO2, using just as bad logic. I digress.
Mexicans are at heart very liberal, or shall I say socialist. They actually feel sympathy for a guy making $5/day who has 4 kids. Why did he decide to have 4 kids? Don't ask you may be accused of being "racist".
Sadly, Mexicans unable to identify the problem will never solve it. Until those millions of young men finish killing each other (gangster v gangster, gangster v military) it will not stop.
It's sad. I once lived in Mexico and have visited for decades afterward. But the blame is always sent up to the USA and so they will never solve their own problems.

Allen D

Really great video. It's sad to learn about all of that violence in Mexico, but I'm not surprised that the US is behind it all. Not to mention Fast and Furious

howell clark

slap stick film with the uaual liberal slant.

Pink Schnoid

nothing new here, we all know this...I am always marvelled when they say the cartels earn "between 18 and 40 million dollars a year" or whatever the stats are....there is an enormpous unknonwn factor..

thanks, dick nixon and all you profiteers, for the might War on drugs!!...thanks, mexico, for playing along so that you get your annual money stipend from the USA government to 'join the fight'

Randy Thompson

Thank you. Seems Moloch is doing well on both sides of the border with Americans doing much of the feeding.


thank you for this video displaying a schizophrenic American policy. One would have to be extraordinarily naive to think this Billion $$ market doesn't have equal counterparts including banks in the US. Just think $$$ in untaxed dollars.

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