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Another army general is gunned down

Somebody really, really wanted to see retired Gen. Mario Arturo Acosta Chaparro dead.

Back in 2010, a gunman intercepted and shot the retired army general in the gut in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City. He survived.

He didn't survive a second attack, which came Friday afternoon as he descended from his chauffeured vehicle to pick up his Mercedes Benz (how many generals can afford to buy MBs?) in a suburban area of Mexico City. A guy in a motorcycle fired 3 rounds from a 9mm handgun into Acosta's head.

During his military career, Acosta was accused both of human rights abuses in a campaign to quell leftist guerrillas in the 1970s and 1980s and of links to the head of the Juarez narcotics cartel in 2007 a panel of judges overturned his conviction.

Acosta is not the only general to be gunned down in recent years. Last May, gunmen killed the recently retired No. 3 general, Jorge Juarez Loera, in suburban Mexico City. Assailants tortured and executed another retired general, Mauro Enrique Tello, near Cancun in 2009. Tello had just assumed a civilian public security post in the area.


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Dinka Aliap Chawul

I fear where's Mexico/South America heading to? Every news that top from this continent is always related to cocane or connected to it dealing.


If you wonder where the Mexican gangs get their ammo, one possible answer is below. Hard to believe a truck driver would cross the border into Ciudad Juarez by accident with over a quarter million rounds of ammo onboard.


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