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Danger for journalists in Veracruz

Assailants killed another two journalists in the state of Veracruz early today, a sign that reporters there are finding out things the criminal groups want to silence.

In Mexico’s very fluid security situation, I would say Veracruz is heating up. In fact, the whole Gulf of Mexico side of the nation from Tamaulipas state down to Tabasco remains fairly hot. Monterrey, the large industrial city, is also getting hotter and more dangerous. On the other side of the country, Ciudad Juarez is noting a significant slowing in the pace of killings. 

The killings this morning are a red flag to keep an eye on Veracruz. At 6 a.m. today, gunmen killed Miguel Angel Lopez Velasco, a crime and public security reporter for Notiver, the largest circulation newspaper in Veracruz, which straddles a key trafficking route for crime groups moving people and drugs.

Assailants also killed Lopez’s son, Misael Lopez Solana, who worked at the same newspaper, and Agustina Solana, the mother and wife.

Earlier this month, prosecutors located the body of Noel Lopez Olguin, a reporter for Diario Horizonte in Veracruz who had gone missing in March. The body was found in a shallow grave on a ranch south of Veracruz, and soldiers said they found it after arresting and interrogating the ranch owner days earlier.


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sean hanny

if I were a journalist in Mexico, I would change professions...Web 2.0 technology combined with society's insatiable quest for scanadal has taken out the nobility of the truth, of the crusade for journalistic righteousness and integrity...plus the pay sucks...

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