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March 16, 2010


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I want to apologize for being so cynical in my recent post. I don't want to minimize in any way the efforts of brave Iraqi citizens who risked life and limb just to participate in what we all hope was a free election. I am just frustrated that the country I love and live in continues to act as if it is above international law.

While I appreciate the freedom that allows us to criticize our goverment, I just wish we had a more media outlets that were willing to tell the truth and challenge all the propaganda on TV and in print. Maybe the internet will help. I hope things get better for your country.


It's no secret why the US forced these elections, and it has nothing to do with democracy or security. This is what imperialist country's do. After invasion and occupation you install a regime that will be favorable to your interests. Then dopey magazines like Newsweek can have a cover story proclaiming victory in Iraq.

Of course the citizens of Iraq who have seen thousands of innocent family members killed for no reason may not see it that way. Their country has been decimated and may never fully recover. Few people would now try to justify the Vietnam war, even McNamara admits we lied about that war and that it was a huge mistake. The million plus dead and the devastation we caused that country should have been a sobering lesson. Clearly it was not.

Sadly we have a long history of this. There is a reason we have 800 military bases in foreign countries all over the world. Maybe we should not have armed, trained and supported thugs like Hussein and Osama bin Laden in the first place.


Dear Laith, it's too soon to know for sure what you've gotten from your election. You may yet see if through their votes, the people of Iraq have spoken. Your constitution has a stacked deck on who can be Prime Minister and hold power in Iraq, so it's not a perfect election from the start.


Hello Laith. I heard my friend said that her father told her before election 'when u put your hand on the paper of election image the best iraq future'but unfortunatly her father killed before 2 months.so I hope that his last words will heppen during the next 4 years .thanks

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