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February 12, 2007


broken heart

I forgot to add that no body talks about real heroes like Lt.Watada, and the courage to he showed. People like him is our only hope.

broken heart

I don't know what to say. I do not want to ask God to interfere in this situation as the guilty claimed God as their own and after-all God may be just power. Less than a handful of men's stupid logic brought this unfathomable grief to the world. You are not alone there, most of the world is suffering.
One can only wish for an end to this foolish venture of a super power. But, unwillingness to accept mistakes and hypocrisy takes the solution away from the present to the future. Even may lead to bigger mistakes to drive people's attention else where.
Most of the people supported show of power by Israel on Lebanon. They can never understand what it takes to build the life and what it feels to take every thing away in a moment from the innocents. The dead were probably luckier than living in some cases.
No body talks of cluster bombs. No body talks about land-mines in Cambodia and Vietnam. No body talks of Agent orange. No body wants to know about the damage these things are causing even today.

This war made me a pessimist.


You have said things I cannot imagine happening in my reality and I am moved to tears as I think of my daughters and how much I love them as you do your family. Just by commenting I am touching you, we are connected by something that no ill gotten war can obliterate, our humanity.


Dear Waiting:

I am so sorry that this is happening to your family and your country. I wish there were a way for us all to reach out to one another. As much as I appreciate the net, words alone can't convey the help and support I wish I could give you.


Thank you for sharing this story. I wish your family well, whatever the news. I hope there is closure sometime, although even from my safe place in Chicago, IL, I can't tell when that will be. I am deeply sorry this (all of it) is happening. It's someone's son. They are all someone's.


That is horrible.

My deepest sympathies.

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