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September 28, 2013

Carney: House Republicans are voting to shut down the government

White House spokesman Jay Carney said that House Republicans acted Saturday to shut down the federal government.

"Republicans in Congress had the opportunity to pass a routine, simple continuing resolution that keeps the government running for a few more weeks," he said in a statement. "But instead, Republicans decided they would rather make an ideological point by demanding the sabotage of the health care law."

Carney said President Barack Obama is willing to improve the health care law and meet Republicans more than halfway but that "he will not do so under threats of a government shutdown that will hurt our economy."

"Any member of the Republican Party who votes for this bill is voting for a shutdown," he said. "It's time for the House to listen to the American people and act, as the Senate has, in a reasonable way to pass a bill that keeps the government running and move on."


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Response to Kcrich and scoggin: ROFLMAO !! The healthcare law was passed by Congress and is law. The US Supreme Court says it is constitutionally legal. Obama is implementing the law. You do NOT want the govt to follow the law all of a sudden? LOL !!! Your problem is you refuse to deal with reality. Your failed political ideology is your problem.


Let's see if I have this straight. The President who won't negotiate = democrat. The democrat senate won't budge. And it's the republicans who will cause a government shutdown? That's why I'm not a liberal. Their so called logic eludes me.


ThebRepublicans are not shutting down the Government. STOP LIEING.
They are trying to prevent an unworkable program called Obamacare from destroying this country. We are seeing lies saying this program is affordable but the costs they are showing are for plans with deductibles and. Copays that are unaffordable to most families. Let the delay of Obamacare be approved so Americans can see the real costs to them before it is implemented.

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