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July 02, 2013

Obama administration delays health care employer mandate for a year

The Obama administration is postponing for a year a requirement that businesses cover their employers under the administration's health care law.

The decision to postpone the mandate until 2015 comes amid employer unease with the program. A post on the Treasury Department website says the move is designed to give the administration ways to simplify the reporting requirements and provide time to adapt health coverage and reporting systems.

"Just like the Administration's effort to turn the initial 21-page application for health insurance into a three-page application, we are working hard to adapt and to be flexible about reporting requirements as we implement the law," Treasury's Mark Mazur wrote.

He acknowledged the administration had heard concerns from businesses "about the complexity of the requirements and the need for more time to implement them effectively." He said the "vast majority of businesses" that will need to do the reporting already provide health insurance to their employers "and we want to make sure it is easy for others to do so."


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Just another way for Obama top force more Americans top be dependent on the government. Penalties will still be in place for any individual without insurance so many
more will have to fall to government without employers supplying insurance. All of Obamacare needs to be repealed immediately.

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