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July 05, 2013

House Foreign Affairs Committee okay with military decision to oust Morsi

The Republican chairman and top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs committee issued a joint statement that endorses the Egyptian military's decision to oust President Morsi -- giving considerable wiggle room to the Obama administration to not declare the ousting a coup -- and potentially cut off aid to Egypt.

The statement from Rep. Ed Royce, a California Republican and Rep. Eliot Engel, a New York Democrat, calls the military's decision "another sharp turning point in Egypt's incomplete revolution" and says that Morsi and the governing Muslim Brotherhood "neglected to understand...that democracy means more than simply holding elections."

The pair accused Morsi and his "inner circle" of chosing to "consolidate power and rule by fiat. As a result the Egyptian people and their economy suffered greatly."

They also called on the military to show that a "new transitional government can and will govern in a transparent manner and work to return the country to democratic rule."

"All parties in Egypt must show restraint, prevent violence, and prepare to be productive players in the future democratic Egypt," the statement said. "We encourage the military to exercise extreme caution moving forward and support sound democratic institutions through which the people and future governments can flourish."


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Does the fact that American politicians support a coup make it not a coup?

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