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July 02, 2013

Democrats provide quick guide to GOP immigration quotes

Need a quick quote from a Republican on immigration? Democrats have your web site.

The Republican-run House of Representatives will consider immigration later this month, and Speaker John Boehner has said it won't take up the comprehensive plan passed last week by the Senate. Democrats don't like that idea.

So their congressional campaign committee has launched RepublicansInTheirOwnWords.com.

Some Republicans are "attempting the Sisyphean task of convincing their colleagues to embrace truly comprehensive reform,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Whatever they’ve said, it’s archived and publicly available.”

No response from Republicans yet,but party officials insist they'll come up with a responsible plan that includes tougher border security.



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Looked again - it appears the site RepublicansInTheirOwnWords.com was created on 2/15/12, and has not been updated since. All it consists of is a notice that the "site has not been published".

Leave it to Lightman to get it wrong, as usual. If I'd noticed he had posted the blog entry, I never would have bothered looking at it in the first place.


Tried to check out the site, but it has not actually been launched yet...

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