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June 22, 2013

Obama to outline climate plan Tuesday

President Barack Obama on Tuesday will announce a long-awaited federal strategy to address climate change, a problem that this week he called "the global threat of our time."

"There’s no single step that can reverse the effects of climate change," he said Saturday in a video announcement. "But when it comes to the world we leave our children, we owe it to them to do what we can."

In his video message, Obama said the vision he'll lay out will include a national plan to reduce carbon pollution. It's expected to include regulating greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants.

It also is expected to include what's known as mitigation -- addressing the impacts of climate change that many American communities are already experiencing, whether it's rising sea levels on the East Coast or melting sea ice in the Arctic. Obama is also expected to promise to lead global efforts to fight climate change.

The White House has been telegraphing for weeks that it would be announcing a plan this summer, and it is expected to have as its centerpiece rules that address greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The administration, through the Environmental Protection Agency, already has drafted rules that curtail emissions at new power plants. What it hasn't done yet is come out with rules that apply to existing power plants.

That's likely to be controversial, since many of the dirtiest, carbon-intensive powered plants are fueled by coal, and regional energy interests are likely to object.

But courts have determined that carbon emissions are a pollutant under the Clean Air Act, and that the EPA has the authority to pursue regulation of them.

Obama in his second inaugural address pledged to respond to climate change. He cast it as a moral obligation and warned that failing to take action "would betray our children and future generations." It’s not just a responsibility to his fellow Americans, Obama said, but to "all posterity."

Environmental groups have been pressuring Obama to act on the promises laid out in that speech. This week, the Natural Resources Defense Council launched ads featuring actor Robert Redford calling on the president to act on the "courage of his convictions."


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Propaganda Seer

ARG! Why are Americans so gullible? There are countless alternative news and research on the 'controlling the weather'. We know the military chiefs can't be trusted to stay out of Corporate Business...but they are rogue. Congress doesn't call the shots, because Congress is compromised via surveillance OR outright greed.


If this is like his other "landmark" feats as President, it will either continue the Bush policies or it will be like the Affordable Healthcare Act. It will increase the burdens on the average person, drive up their costs of living and do virtually nothing to address the real issues and causes. But it will make the rich even richer are my expense in doing it.


"But when it comes to the world we leave our children, we owe it to them to do what we can."

He must be speaking to the children of the Kochs.

We've seen what "doing what we can" has meant to a Democratic Party controlled by the same corporate interests as the Republicans.

This "all of the above" energy strategy is poisoning people and despoiling the planet with mountaintop removal, fracking, ruptured pipelines, and deep water oil well ruptures. And we all know that Fukushima begins with F U.

I can only imagine any cursory proposal to tighten regulations is political cover for the Obama XL tar sands pipeline, which is being routed to the Gulf of Mexico seaport because Canadians at least have the common sense to not permit a much, much shorter route to the sea.

And even if TransCanada's XL were defeated, Enbridge has it covered. They are quietly piecing together a route, and stealthily filling in the gaps.

Setting aside the ruination these routes could cause as evidenced by a spate of recent spills that go largely unreported (not in small part due to police working on behalf of the polluters to keep reporters out as happened in the Gulf), the toll on the atmosphere when China burns these hydrocarbons will be massive.

But there'll be plenty of Chinese blood money to pass around on a bipartisan basis to keep things lubricated.

So, propose away, Mr. President. The big shots know that this feckless Democratic Party you head will never get anything of substance done, so Hillary need not fear that her donations will dry up.

We know the drill: speak a lot of glorious words, propose some things that look tough, and then capitulate, capitulate, capitulate until the corporations are satisfied.

We've seen this movie before.

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