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May 17, 2013

Americans not paying that much attention to IRS, Benghazi stories

The Internal Revenue Service and Benghazi stories may be consuming Washington, but in the rest of America, not so much.

"The amount of attention Americans are paying to the IRS and the Benghazi situations is well below the average for news stories Gallup has tracked over the years," a new Gallup poll found.

Democrats are not paying much attention, nor are independents, said the survey released Friday--though Republicans are paying a lot of attention.

"Republicans are also much more likely than Democrats to strongly agree that both situations are serious enough to require investigation," according to a Gallup analaysis.

And, it noted, "this partisan gap is much larger on the Benghazi news than on the IRS issue. This may reflect that rank-and-file Democrats are following the administration's lead in putting greater emphasis on the importance of the IRS crisis, while downplaying the importance of continuing investigations into its handling of Benghazi."

Fifty-four percent said they're following the IRS story closely, and 53 percent said they're following Benghazi. The average for more than 200 news stories over several decades is 60 percent. The IRS is under fire for targeting conservative groups. In Benghzi, Libya, four Americans died during a September terror attack.

The survey was taken May 14-15. Read more here


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Democrats don't think this is much of a story because they think its okay to lie, cheat, and steal to get their way. Intimidating and bullying conservatives is the status quo and comes from it being condoned at the White House.

howell clark

watergate didn't get much attention for awhile either


To the GOP: “Thou does protest too much and too often”.
Can’t these folks do anything positive? All they seem to do is complain about everything and criticize everyone? They sound like someone on the verge of a nervous breakdown!
Let’s see them do something constructive at least some of the time instead of everything destructive all the time!

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