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April 13, 2013

House GOP address: "The president's budget never balances"

Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind., a new House of Representatives member, gave Saturday's weekly Republican address, and quickly criticized the budget plan presented earlier this week by President Barack Obama.

“Monday is April 15th, so hardworking families are sitting around their kitchen tables putting the finishing touches on their taxes.  It’s always a stressful and time-consuming exercise, figuring out how much we have to hand over to help cover our government’s bills," said Walorski, a House Budget Committee member.

“Unfortunately, many of the leaders you send to Washington want to make this time of year even harder on you and your family. Take the budget President Obama submitted to Congress this week.  He says it’s ‘responsible’– ‘a compromise....'''

She criticizes his proposed tax increase, and is not enthusiastic about his entitlement changes.

“Worst of all, the White House says the president’s budget never balances – ever, failing to meet the most basic principle of budgeting for every family and small business," Walorski said.

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Walorski continued: “The president’s budget isn’t a compromise; it’s a blank check for more spending and more debt.  If that were the answer, millions of Americans wouldn’t be leaving the workforce and asking ‘where are the jobs?’

“Republicans are offering a better way.  Our budget will balance in ten years.  We will end the waste of taxpayer dollars and foster a healthier economy, delivering real solutions to help improve people’s lives.  Here’s what some of those solutions look like.

“First, our balanced budget seizes opportunities to support our nation of builders and get Americans back to work, through popular energy projects like the Keystone XL pipeline.

“Second, our balanced budget repeals ObamaCare so we can address the problems it is causing – like making it harder to hire and driving up health care costs – and work towards patient-centered reforms.

“Finally, our balanced budget lays the groundwork for a fairer, simpler tax code.  Closing loopholes and lowering tax rates for everyone would mean more jobs and higher wages.  And Tax Day wouldn’t have to be such a headache anymore.

“These are good ideas and we’re ready to act on them.  When I served in the Indiana General Assembly, we turned a deficit into a surplus, restored the state’s triple-A bond rating, and led the country in job creation.  In the 1990s, President Clinton and Congressional Republicans worked together to balance the federal budget.

“So instead of the same old take-it-or-leave-it approach, President Obama should work with Republicans to find common ground so we can balance our budget, grow our economy, and improve the lives of American families."


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