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March 08, 2013

White House staff to face pay cuts, furloughs

After weeks of questions, Obama administration finally revealed that the across-the-board spending cuts implemented last week will mean pay cuts and furloughs for White House staff. That includes the West Wing.

"The White House and the components of the White House are affected by the sequester in a way that's similar to other government agencies," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. "I can tell you that we're making significant -- or that we're also faced with making some tough decisions when it comes to ongoing projects, when it comes to purchasing equipment and supplies, but we're also a pretty personnel-heavy agency, if you will. So that means that there will be agencies -- that there will be employees of components of -- that -- who work here at the White House that will be facing pay cuts, that will be facing furloughs."

Earnest did not release any more details including how many employees or when the changes would occur.

Earlier this week, the White House notified Congress that it is discontinuing its public tours starting Saturday, according to a notice sent to a congressional office.


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But the big question is will they save the vaccation budgets for Our Dear Leader President MANDATE and MOOCHELLE AKA the ARM and the girls to take all their together and seperate vaccations? If they took the vaccation funds away for all the AF transport planes required to fly staff, helos and vehicles then Our Dear Leader would immediately take steps to work with Congress in a bipartiasian way to end sequestration immediately.

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