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March 27, 2013

Obama to mark 100 days since Newtown with White House event

President Obama will meet Thursday with mothers who want to see gun control efforts succeed, the White House says, amid questions of whether gun control legislation is lagging, some 100 days after the school shooting in Connecticut.

Obama will meet with law enforcement officials, victims of gun violence and other "stakeholders," spokesman Josh Earnest said. The event comes as Obama's gun violence prevention proposals have faced a series of roadblocks: Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., last week announced that an assault weapons ban she championed won't be included in the larger gun bill Democrats will introduce on the Senate floor next month.

Earnest would not guarantee that a sizable gun control bill that would clear both chambers, saying "I don't want to try to stand here and predict the future about what's going to happen in the Congress."

But Earnest noted there were several measures that cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee and that the administration would continue pressing its case.

"There are some meaningful, common sense things that we can do to reduce gun violence in our communities, at the same time respecting the rights provided by the Second Amendment of the Constitution," he said.

He defended the White House's approach, saying that Obama was "engaged on this pretty quickly" and that the White House has held more than 20 events, interviews and public appearances -- between Obama and Biden.

 "I think because of all the talk of the president and because of his aggressive advocacy of this issue, there will be a vote in the United States Senate on whether or not military-style assault weapons will be banned from the streets of this country," Earnest said. "I think that represents progress."


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154 bullet casings recovered...9 30 round empty clips and one part empty in the Bushmaster..and the Slaughter lasted LESS THAN 5 minutes...Adam Lanza was an NRA member..

The President can do no less than work to protect US ALL!

Call the VACATIONING CONGRESS at their local offices..tell them to quit hiding and get high capacity multi round clips banned ! At the very least!

Robert Stone

Assault weapons are tools made for "Assault"
I am not talking about the legal term assault here, but the military term.
It was taken from the "shock troops" developed by the Germans and Italians in WW1.
Assault weapons are designed for military attack.


Barrack Obama will spare no expense even though there is no money in the coffers to make his point. He will bill every tax payer for any amount as long as it will further his agenda like it or not. That is he will shove it down your throat and tell you that its to bad if you don't like it but that is what he is going to do and you jest have to live with it.

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