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February 08, 2013

Tea Party Patriots form political committee

 The Tea Party Patriots are jumping formally into the political arena with a new Tea party Patriots Citizens Fund, a political action committee.
The new group, says a statement, is "aimed at holding big spending politicians accountable for their actions, and supporting those who stand up for the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets and Constitutionally limited government."
The Tea Party movement has been a loosely organized movement that influenced the 2010 congressional elections. Its manpower and conservative ideology helped elect dozens of Republicans. It had less success last year, in some cases because its candidates proved too ideologically rigid to get elected statewide.
The new committee aims to help organize the movement.
“If we are going to change Washington and save America, the Tea Party movement must hold every politician who supports higher taxes and even higher spending accountable – regardless of their political party. If that means we have to defeat some of these big-government politicians in primaries, so be it," said national coordinator Jenny Beth Martin in a statement.
"The Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund is dedicated to supporting those candidates who will sincerely work to rein in out-of-control government and to oppose those candidates who will not. We do not discriminate between political parties. We will not shy away from standing up to long-time career politicians.
“When 7 of the 10 richest counties in America are in the metro D.C. area and laws are passed to benefit those well-connected to the politicians, it is clear our government is being run by crony, corruptive deals and not by citizen-centered legislators. It is time to repair Washington, D.C.”


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