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February 03, 2013

Reid talks immigration, guns

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Sunday immigration policy changes are likely to win Senate approval, but gun control is going to be more of a struggle.

In a lengthy interview on ABC's "This Week," the Nevada Democrat discussed how momentum is moving in the direction of overhauling immigration laws.

 "It has to get done. We have to work hard to get it done. It's really easy to write principles. To write legislation is much harder. And once we write the legislation, then you have to get it passed. But I think things are looking really good," he said.

He cited several reasons: "One, it's the right thing to do. And, number two, the Republicans can no longer stop this. They've tried it; it hasn't worked. Look what they tried to do to me a couple years ago. Look what they tried to do with the president just this last time, and it just didn't work."

Republicans have insisted any path to citizenship be tied to border security. "I say there are a few things we need. Number one is border security, southern and northern border security. We have to do that," Reid said.

"We have to have a pathway to legalization. We have to make sure that the employer sanctions work. It hasn't worked in the past, and a few other things. But, sure, we have to have security, but it's not going to -- we spent -- we have spent billions and billions of dollars in security, and that's why the border is much more secure now."

In the end, Reid said, "this legislation is going to pass...it's certainly going to pass the Senate. And it would be a bad day for our country and a bad day for the Republican Party if they continue standing in the way of this. So the answer is yes."

The talk turned to guns. Reid recalled how "I had guns from the time I was a little boy. I don't hunt anymore, but I did. I've got lots of guns. I keep them for sentimental reasons. But I'm a police officer, right over here is my badge. I was a police officer. I carried a gun. That's what I did to put myself through law school. My dad killed himself, shot himself with a gun, committed suicide, so I know a lot about guns. And there are things that I think we need to do."

Reid noted he wants a bill to come out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. "If (California Sen.) Dianne Feinstein, by the time it's through the Judiciary Committee, if she doesn't have her assault weapons, at least let her have an opportunity to offer this amendment," he said.

He would not commit to voting for it.

" Oh, I don't know. I frankly -- and she knows I haven't read her amendment. I didn't vote for the assault weapons last time because it didn't make sense, but I'll take a look at it. I think that we need to take a look at federal trafficking. I think that everyone acknowledges we should do something with


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Thomas Nass

It should be Incumbent upon ANY and ALL Sellers of Guns, Magazines or Ammo to Legally Require a Background Check on ANY Buyer of same. Wherever that SALE takes place and Whether it takes five minutes or an hour. Just because Criminals will not make themselves available for Background Checks, is no reason not to institute Background Checks any more than it is to consider abandoning any other Law because Criminals will not abide them! Added to this the fact is, that without Background Checks, Criminals could buy their Guns, Magazines and Ammo at the same places where honest Buyers obtains them! Background Checks should be ALL Encompassing and ALL Inclusive in nature! After all, the Buyer is purchasing a Lethal Weapon not a Candy Bar. Every Sale or Exchange(Change of Possession) of a Weapon, Ammo or Magazine, WHEREVER, and under WHATEVER circumstances that Change of Possession takes place, should be Recorded and Documented!

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