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February 22, 2013

Obama alerts Congress he's sent military personnel to Niger

President Obama says about 100 U.S. military personnel have been deployed to the African nation of Niger.

In a letter to Congress, Obama says the forces will provide support for "intelligence collection" and "intelligence sharing” with French troops fighting militants in neighboring Mali.

He said 40 U.S. troops arrived Wednesday, with the consent of the government of Niger, bringing the troop total to 100. Obama said the forces are armed, "with weapons for the purpose of providing their own force protection and security."


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So what do we pay Congress to do exactly? How do you stop this administration from starting wars?

Throw them a basketball.


That raysis!!! He shoulda said that he was sending troops to the African-but not American cuntry.


We need Obama to stop his activity immediately - we are not at war wtih Niger and that is a place where we should not have a military foot print. He needs to tell us why we have military in Niger first and tell that to congress. By the way Obama is full of lies about sequestration - the budget for the country is more than last year - and he is telling us that he has to lay off massive amounts of people such as teachers who do not even work for Obama and do not rceive a federal pay check. We need to know why he thinks he has money to put military in africa -without a reason to do so.

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