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February 21, 2013

New Pew survey: 40 percent say it'd be better to let sequester take effect

A lot of folks don't think automatic spending cuts are such a bad thing.

A new Pew Research Center survey found "the public is not expressing a particular sense of urgency over the pending March 1 sequester deadline. With little more than a week to go, barely a quarter have heard a lot about the scheduled cuts, while about as many have heard nothing at all."

And, the poll found, 40 percent said it would be better to let the sequester go into effect, while 49 percent said the $85 billion in cuts should be delayed.

"Both Republicans and independents are divided evenly over which approach is better, and even among Democrats, roughly a third favor letting the sequester take effect over any delays," Pew found

The survey was conducted Feb. 13-18.


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What nonsense. As President, Obama has the ability to move money around in the agencies to prevent any catastrophic hardships. But, he doesn't want to. His goal is to have a minute budget reduction cause great anxiety and pain and try to blame the Republicans. The real hardships will be at the state level. A lot of people are at the mercy of Republican state governments who will cheerfully screw the poor in hopes it will hurt Obama.

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