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February 27, 2013

Bloomberg on gun bills: "It's up to Congress"

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters after a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden at the White House that he was pleased with the efforts the Obama administration was making in trying to urge Congress to act on bills to curb gun violence.

I walked away just thoroughly convinced that he and the president and this whole administration is committed, committed as you can possibly be to help end the scourge of gun violence," he said.

Earlier, Bloomberg said he met with four senators -- Republicans Susan Collins and John McCain and Democrats Mark Kirk and Harry Reid.

"I did walk away thinking that while none of them made a specific commitment...I walked away comfortable that they understand the issue and that they will be there."

"I can't handicap Congress...It's up to Congress. What I care about is results. I don't care about who gets credit." 


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Bloomberg is using his money to buy elections for pro gun control people. Meanwhile Obama is meeting with Generals as a group who will promote taking guns from Americans In a banana republic that is called a junta. How far we have gone down the road to open tyranny

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