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January 31, 2013

President Obama acknowledges he's "thinking about legacy" as he assembles Cabinet

In an interview with Univision, President Obama said his administration is looking to boost the number of Hispanics -- saying that one of his highest priorities in his second term -- "because now I'm thinking about legacy, is to make sure that we are identifying talent from every walk of life, from every ethnic group, so that the next president will see how big a pool there is of talent out there, that can serve and wants to serve in a presidential administration.

The reply came as Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas echoed recent criticism of Obama's second term selections, noting the network found fewer Latinos in his second term Cabinet. 

"Will there be room for Latinos in your new administration?" she asked. "People like Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa or Mayor Julian Castro?"

Obama didn't tip his hand on whether the Los Angeles or San Antonio mayor would get the call, saying he hasn't finished naming his Cabinet.

"I'll let people judge it after all my appointments have been made whether or not we've made progress," he said, adding that diversity is one of his highest priorities.

"We're going to redouble our efforts to recruit talented and gifted Latinos that come from every walk of life," he said. "It comes from academia, it comes from elected officials. It comes from foundations and non-for profits."

And he added, "maybe some will come from the media."

"How interesting," Salinas replied.


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