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January 29, 2013

Obama delivered immigration speech in 'comfortable' Nevada

It’s no suprise President Barack Obama chose Nevada to kick off the immigration push.

Hispanics make up 27 percent of population, according to the U.S. Cencus. Nineteen percent are foreign born and nearly 30 percent speal a language other than English at home.

For decades, western states -- like Nevada -- had a tendancy to vote Republican. But the growing Hispanic population helped change that.

Obama won Nevada by 12 points in 2008 and six points in 2012, even though Republican Mitt Romney had made inroads in the state and the economic dowturn hit the state hard.

Eric Herzik, chairman of the political science department at the University of Nevada, Reno, said Obama feels comfortable in Nevada. Herzik noted that Obama prepared for a debate here, won the state and the governor has been less strident than many Republicans in other states with high immigration populations. “it makes sense. Nevada has been good to him.”

Bernard Lara, 55, an unemployed medical technologist whose family hails from Mexico as well as other countries., welcomed Obama to Nevada. “It’a good thing. He needs to get support from the people because he has no support in Congress.’

Advocacy groups, including unions, religious groups and immigrantion organizations, descended on Las Vagas Tuesday to show their support for an immigration overhaul. 


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Mr. Obama says what makes one American is “allegiance to our founding principles.” Yet he promotes an amnesty that contradicts the rule of law.

As stated in Mission Viejo’s Rule of Law Resolution: “The American political tradition and its underlying religious tradition hold that each of us has a serious moral obligation to obey the law. Our nation’s Founders and statesmen insisted that each of us has a duty of respect or reverence for the law. No one is above the law. Everyone has a duty to obey the law, and a right to obedience of the law by others.”

And: “The Founding generation set the precedent of restricting naturalization to people who share our nation’s republican principles. We should not now proceed, contrarily, to effectively reward people with legal residency status and citizenship for violating republican principles. Governmental ratification of a path of crime to citizenship would not be unprecedented, but it would be contrary to rule of law principles of respecting observance and punishing inobservance, and would replicate one of the features of the 1986 immigration law that most strongly encouraged unlawful immigration. The adverse consequences of the 1986 amnesty law are ample proof that rewarding lawbreakers cannot constitute an element of true immigration reform.”

Americans who want to understand and defend the rule of law principle on which our country was founded should read Mission Viejo’s Resolution. Anyone who sends an email to missionviejoruleoflawresolution@aol.com, and asks for it, will be sent the Resolution and the supporting Research Paper by email as a PDF document.

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