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January 11, 2013

Congress' approval rating: 14 percent

People still hate Congress.

A Jan. 7-10 Gallup poll, taken a few days after the 113th Congress convened, found Congress' approval rating at a dismal 14 percent.

And, the survey said, three-fourths think the "way politics works in Washington" is harmful to the  country.

The 14 percent rating for Congress is not a new low. That was set last August at 10 percent.

"In the broadest sense, one bit of good news for the new Congress is that its current job approval ratings are so low that they have practically nowhere to go but up," a Gallup analysis found. Disappproval is at 81 percent.

2012's average was 15 percent, lowest in the survey's 38 years. And, a Gallup analysis found, "2013 appears to be a continuation of 2012's historically negative attitudes toward Congress. Overall, Americans have been significantly more likely to disapprove than approve of Congress over the decades."

Average congressional approval since such polls began in 1974 is 33 percent.

To read more: http://www.gallup.com/poll/159812/congress-begins-2013-approval.aspx



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The 'hatred' of Congress is mainly due to the fact the Main St. Media has decided since Republicans are in control of something it must be bad.
It is bad to the media/progressives as it(Congress) hopefully blocks our affirmative action president from going to far....which he already has.
Someone needs to tell the low information democrat voter that it is hard to change Congress unless they are to move to locations where they are not wanted in an attempt to give their vote to a dreamy democrat of their choice....good luck with that.

Thomas Nass

Over the years, it has become all too clear that the Statesmen of yesterday, those men and women who placed this Country above themselves and all else, are gone forever. Nothing has made this more clear than the congress of today.
Mark Twain once opined that: “We have the best congress an and senate that [“Special Interest”] money can buy”.
The ersatz Statesman of today can only be defined as such by the "Special Interests" that they so slavishly serve for their personal profit.
Tom Nass
5th Marine Division - WWII

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