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January 14, 2013

Bloomberg's gun control group launches new ad

On Monday, the one-month anniversary since the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., a gun control group led by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a new TV ad featuring family members of gun violence victims to urge Washington to act.

Bloomberg, the group's chairman, released a new report that outlines what it says are efforts by the gun lobby to suppress data and research funding on gun violence. 

“Thirty days have passed since 20 children and six adults were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School – and still, no action has been taken by Washington to end our country’s gun violence epidemic,” Bloomberg said.  “Now is the time for Congress to buck the special interests of the gun lobby that endanger our children.  This means requiring background checks for every gun sale, restricting assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and making gun trafficking a federal crime.  We cannot let another month go by with no action.”

Mayors Against Illegal Guns also announced that it has added 100 mayors to, growing to more than one million supporters.



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Thomas Nass

Gun Obsolescence:
Guns do not seem to have any built-in obsolescence. When well cared for, they will never lose their use or function. Ergo, once sold, they have limited to No Turnover. Consequently, Gun Manufacturers can only expand their Market by continuing to come up with new and more Potent and Destructive Weaponry, e.g., the “Bushmaster”, and Accessories, i.e., Larger and Larger Capacity Magazines, for their existing customers.
As to the potential consequences these product Improvements(?) Pose, they have no concern! They could also introduce a new Caliber of Bullet(s)! A Ban on Assault Weapons, Large Capacity Magazines and Large Ammo purchases should be imposed. If, for whatever reasons, this cannot be done, in addition to basic Gun Permit, additional “Special Permits” should be further required for the purchase of any Assault Weapon, Large Capacity Magazines and Large purchases of Ammo. A potential purchaser of such items, should be required to fill out a Questionnaire as to their reasons for needing such an item(s). There should be a minimum three day Waiting Period for Approval of their Questionnaire Responses while their Responses are being evaluated by responsible Government or other qualified personnel. In addition, any and all sales of these items, whatever the location of those sales, must be documented and License Plate, no matter who is or was driving, documentation should also be required as part of any ID. Laws must not only be ENFORCEABLE, BUT STRICTLY ENFORCED and Documented! If not STRICTLY ENFORCED, it would be ridiculous to assume that they are being adhered to. Gun manufacturers and their Lobbyist ghouls, the NRA, are fighting for their financial life. Their ersatz “Defense” of the 2nd Amendment, Gun Owners Rights, etc., are nothing more than a Ruse to facilitate the continuation of their own “Financial Life”. There is certainly no “Altruism” involved in their thinking or purpose! I do not see how those whose major “Market Place” is War, could ever be considered “Altruistic”! The NRA uses Fear to stimulate gun sales because Fear is a great motivator. But it is not the Fear that is being promoted that should be Feared. It is the ulterior motives of those utilizing that Fear to motivate, that are to be Feared! E.g., as with the Bush, Cheney and Rice with the WMDs monumental deception, “Mushroom Cloud” crapola, Lies that led us into the Iraq war with its subsequent loss of thousands of Lives and Maimings of our Military! To my knowledge, there never was any kind of inquiry as to the “Whys” of this deception. We know the Military and their Families Paid and Suffered for it, but no one was ever told who Profited from this egregious deception. Make no mistake about it, Politicians and CEOs are accomplished Pseudologists!

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