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December 31, 2012

Republicans pan Obama's performance

Republicans took issue with President Obama's remarks today, with his 2008 Republican opponent accusing him of "cheerleading" as the nation faces a fiscal crisis.

Speaking from the Senate floor, McCain said he's watched presidents since Reagan during crises and that Obama led a "a cheerleading, ridiculing of Republicans' exercise in speaking to the American people."

He said Obama had poked at Republicans, "made a couple of jokes, laughed about how people are going to be here for New Year's, sent a message of confrontation to the Republicans, I believe he said 'If they think they're going to do that, they've got another think coming.' "


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Now if only Obama really did get tough...rather than this joke...backing down at every turn...one wonders who Obama is working for...


Poor grumpy old man McCain...he still hasn't gotten over losing to President Obama...he is so Partisan and angry all he hear was the President making fun of the dysfunctional Teapublicans..Its not hard to do...Time for McCain to go sell reverse mortgages or prostrate medicine...or maybe man diapers.

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