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December 04, 2012

Report: Fox News chief tried to get Petraeus to run for president

Bob Woodward has a very interesting piece in the Washington Post today about the close connection between Fox News and Republican politics, most notably the support in the network last year for a possible presidential campaign by then-Gen. David Petraeus.

The article says that Fox News chairman Roger Ailes used a Fox News contributor as a messenger to tell Petraeus he should turn down appointment as head of the CIA, hold out for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or quit and run for president.

The Fox News national security analyst contributor, Kathleen T. McFarland, told Petraeus that Ailes would might resign from Fox and run the campaign himself. Ailes ran George H.W. Bush's 1988 campaign.

"Everybody at Fox loves you," she told Petaeus, according to Woodward, who said he based the report on a recording of the meeting.

Ailes said McFarland misunderstood his kidding about Petraeus and that she was "way out of line." He told Woodward it was laughable to think he'd resign his highpaying job at th eage of 72 to run a campaign.

McFarland did not comment for the article.

Petraeus did end up accepting the CIA job, which he resigned last month after being caugfht having an affair.




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