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December 10, 2012

Of Sen. Schumer and pheasant hunting....

More from Majority Leader Harry Reid on Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb.:

Reid, in a Senate floor tribute to Nelson, who is retiring, recalled how Nelson, an accomplished hunter, took a friend along.

"At one time, to the consternation of all of us, he decided to was going to take Senator Schumer from New York hunting for pheasant," Reid said.

Schumer, with his thick New York accent, is a Brooklyn native who still makes his home there, and is known to be quick on the draw with a quip or a zinger, not with a hunting rifle.

Anyway, said Reid of the trip, "Everyone survived it alive, and Ben Nelson still boasts about how he...came back in one piece.

"So the story goes, Senator Schumer even shot a bird or two. But a lot of us have some trouble accepting that, but that's what Ben says and I'll take him at his word."




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Bill Conners

On Schumer and pheasant hunting: if Chuck Schumer killed a pheasant I want to assure everyone he did not do it with a shotgun and a load of birdshot. I can however conjur up a picture in my mind's eye that has the poor bird getting crushed to death when it tried to fly between the Senator and a TV camera. Chuck has quite a road show. He rides into town on his great white horse, holds a press conferance, promises the world and then rides off into the sunset. As an Outdoor Columnist and constituent I have watched this guy's antics for years. He has accomplished nothing to date for the sporting community and we expect nothing from him in the future. As for the good Senator, Ben Nelson, I refuse to believe that he was not being truthful. Maybe Ben's having bouts of presenile dementia, Schumer detected it and took advantage of his condition.

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