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December 21, 2012

Obama calls on public to lobby Congress on gun restrictions

President Obama will observe a moment of silence at 9:30 a.m. today at the White House, marking one week since a lone gunman opened fire in a Connecticut elementary school, killing 20 first graders before turning a gun on himself.

And he pledged in a video that he'd do everything in his power as president to address safety, mental health issues and the culture of violence that may have contributed to the tragedy.

"If there's even one thing we can do as a country to protect our children, we have a responsibility to try," the president said.

The video was a response to the "We The People" petitions that have been submitted to the White House in the wake of the Newtown tragedy. In it, Obama urges viewers to call Congress "as many times as it takes" to push for gun restrictions. Obama earlier this week called on Congress to ban the sale of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips as he announced that Vice President Joe Biden would lead an effort to develop "concrete proposals" to stem gun violence. He wants answers by January.

"If we're going to succeed it's going to take a sustained effort," Obama says in the video. "You started something and now I'm asking you to keep at it."

Petitions relating to gun violence have amassed more than 400,000 signatures, making it one of the most popular petition issues since the White House launched We the People. One of the gun petitions was the fastest petition ever to reach the 25,000 signature threshold required for White House review. 


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In addition to my previous comment,any teenager who is subjected to these violent games for more than 10 minutes can be hypnotized by the audio and video displays and be influenced by the commands of the game and controlled as a result. Considering that many teens spend as many as 6 hours playing these games, the possibility of this happening is almost assured;especially if they have communication problems with people in authority like teachers,parents,and police or other leaders or Psychiatrists.

Smack Dab

Would President Obama please get off of my TV, radio,and internet, I don't give a damn about whatever he wants to inject himself into and talk about. Go away, take a four year vacation in Hawaii for all I care. I'm tired of looking at him. Maybe he should get into the Oval Office and do some work for a change. Oh, I forgot, he has never had a real job so he hasn't learned what this "job" thing is all about.


I wonder what type of medication Obama must take to produce those phony tears? His concern over the tragedy is about as real as a 10-dollar Rolex.


Guns being blamed for murder is like forks being blamed for obesity.


Dear Elected officials at the local state and federal level.

If we simply charge each of the 55.5 million students and Teachers 1 Penny a day that would raise $5,550,000.

How many Police Officers could be assigned to secure our 100,000 school buildings and provide proper security for those 55.5 million citizens and residents for 5.5 million dollars a day. At $100 a day I estimate we could have 55,000 Police Officers in the schools for a penny a day per person. Make it 2 cents a day or 10 cents week that would provide 110,000 fully trained and armed Police Officers in the school house doorway. immdiately.

20 cents a week would supply TWO fully trained and armed police officers at each of our elementary and secondary schools every day.

.20 cents per person a week. There are 36 weeks in a school season so it would cost $7.20 cents a y6ear to make sure no child or Teacher ever gets murdered in a school in this nation again.

P.S. The school bully won't like that 2 cops are at his school everyday either.


This guy scares the hell outta me...


Civil war is inevitable, it is simply a matter of when. To simplify things, the Obama dregs can remained unarmed and true to their principles. They'll find out that much of law enforcement and the military support the cause of freedom, a concept that Obama and his supporters loathe.


What's next Obama, outlaw voting?


What's next Obama, outlaw voting?


How is the school shooting any different than the Ft. Hood shooting.

Shouldn't we be calling it just another example of "Workplace Violence?"

I love it when their own words come back to haunt them.


Dear Congress...you are to leave the 2nd Amendment alone.

Lobbying complete.

Richard Hogue

If i contact congress (which I will probably do) it will to tell them to fight any and all legislation Obama proposes. I will also tell congress that another election is coming in two years and they best be looking in their own back yard: there are onions out there.


Fast and Furious didn't work... Obama and Holter killed a few through their misfire but like good democrats were able to cover it up and have the press protect them. So now that the Fast and Furious gun control scheme failed we'll try this one. Democrat thrive on crises and always can depend on the press to support.


I call on Obama to resign first. Then will talk. Nobody is stupid enough to disarm with a communist in the Whitehouse.


It is a safe bet that the great majority of "lobbying" congress will receive will be from people who are against the anti-gun power grab by the Obama administration and liberoid democrats in general.
It only takes a shor tour of the internet agony sites to see what twisted perverts support the gun ban agenda.


Most of our news is a diversion from the truth leaking out about the coup, cover up, and rigged elections. Do you know why Sarah Palin's bus tour was really canceled last year? Know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate or chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she's not running? Sarah Palin wasn't in this last race because too many people learned why she was planted in the first race. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret and learn what the media is BLACKED OUT from reporting on, the TRUTH!


Barack Obama is a PR!CK!

American Patriot

Any attempts by the Government to take away our God given and constitution back right to defend or loved ones will not be looked upon kindly. Taking the right of single moms, the elderly and handicap to defend themselves is a crime


Thanks to the 'left' Taking discipline out of control of parents and schools, promoting time-outs, desensitizing our youth with X-box games and TV violence has brought us where we are today in our society. No one in my era raised with corporal punishment and accountability, allowed to fail and rewarded for success never went to school with a shot gun or rifle that were just as readily available then as they are now. More so, perhaps since more people did hunt back then. We are amidst a culture of unprepared, undisciplined, irresponsible, drugged youth thanks to GOVERNMENT both local and federal. And now the 'left' is in control of our fiscal future which looks to be ever bit as bad of policies as their societal interference has been.


I demand no more automobiles be sold, and all existing cats be seized and melted down! Cars kill thousands of citizens per year - it must end now! No more abortions, the murder of millions of babies must end! I demand tobacco be made a capital offense! Tobacco kills! No more surgeons either! Surgeons kill hundreds due to error! Outlaw politicians as well - they start wars! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! Outlaw humans - humans kill humans and it must end now!!!


What should be asked of Mr Obama (and you know no one in the lamestream news media will ask him) is why gun-related prosecutions are down 45% on his watch versus the Bush '43 administration. He claims he wants more, tougher gun laws, yet can't be bothered enforcing the existing ones.
Clearly, the CT shooter was a psychopath. As were probably those in Aurora, Tucson and Columbine. Mental health officials in those states should be asked what is being done to safeguard citizens from people like this after these terrible shootings.
Blaming the NRA for these incidents is like blaming the auto club when one of its members gets drunk and mows down a pedestrian.


GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE! By making guns the issue for the Newtown tragedy, we are IGNORING the real problem, which is the mental health of our young people.


Something like this similar back in April 15 1989 / June 4, 1989 in China
Tiananmen Square protest in Beijing. When many Chinese students protesting against the government for there rights the Chinese government ordered 500,000 china military into Tiananmen Square. The Chinese military was woundering what they were doing why they here..The government ordered military and tanks open fire on the students 2500 were killed 7000 injured. if look at it this military who swore to give there lives to protect its fellow people from harm.. military and government were reasonable in that act..

Different Beslan School Siege September 1 - 3 2004 several dozen students and teachers were killed and 31 terrorists were killed in that massacre..

usually the governments faults everything that goes on in the world that let things like this happen in first place..

If i had a choice i would more focus on government and make many new changes in there and remove all corrupted government find new ones that care about usa and founding fathers and care about the people in usa and willing help American people and are very honest and true and help get rid of crime forever from America..

We need guns to defend ourselfs and our love one and family and also go to range and meet people have fun shooting for sport and hunting..not to kill unless your in danger or family everything else fails then you react put down the person who threating you or family then no wrong is called self defense like Martal arts.


It's not about guns...
You really want to know why these slaughters are happening...?

America is reaping the whirlwind from removing the fear and respect for the authority of God, prayer and the Ten Commandments from the classrooms. Children are being taught that there is no God, no real truth and no real consequences for their actions. But they are taught there's nothing wrong with premarital sex, abortion, homosexuality, etc.

They are being shielded from the love of God and His rules for living life at it's best.

And then we "wonder" why things like this happen...


I will be calling my congress people to respect the US Constitution and uphold the Second Amendment.

Marc M

I most certainly did contact congress.

I let them know that they shouldn't pass new legislation and that they need to vote NO on anything that comes down regarding gun control.

I'll decide what I want and need, not the government.

If the intent of the 2nd ammendment is going to be preserved then you cannot pass a ban on specific types of firearms.

Not to mention, it will only increase crime.


The Second Amendment isn't about hunting. It's not really about personal protection either. It's about having a means to protect against tyrannical government. That sends liberals to the fainting couch clutching their pearls.

"The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." - Thomas Jefferson

bob onnit

I'll lobby Congress to reject any bills that further restrict the rights of law abiding gun owners. And I'll lobby Congress to impeach Obama over his fiscal irresponsibility and cover up of Fast & Furious.
What do you think of that ?


Only irrational people attack the weapon instead of the criminal who wielded it. Democrats, the party that hates individual freedom and favors government control, attacks all of us instead of aggressively attacking criminals. The acts of violent criminals (nearly always Democrats according to voting and crime statistics) are a tool Democrats try to exploit as an excuse to take away more individual freedom, and especially to disarm their political enemies. Banning firearms is not about preventing crime. Democrats' "gun free" cities have the worst violent crime rates in the nation. Since criminals, by definition, do not comply with laws, banning firearms only disarms us and leaves criminals and the government armed; neither of which can be trusted. Democrats argue "you don't need one of those to hunt" to deceive people unfamiliar with the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment does not say we can only keep and bear politically correct "hunting" or "sporting" rifles. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is protection, which is what tens of millions of us use our firearms for. Semiauto firearms provide the best protection against criminals and Democrats running the government industry, nearly always one in the same.

amplitude jones


James O hagan

Obama should have been impeached over fast and furious...if not then Benghazi. Seems to me, mexico is holding the wrong guy chained to a bed in his jail cell....should be Obama and Holder.

Jack Kinch(1uncle)

we need protection from career politicians. Save the country.

Greg C

Right !!!! how about NO....


He sheds a tear for all the kids lives that were lost but yet fully supports killing the unborn living human being life, and the loons believe that he really cares. mmmmm mmm mmmmm!!!!


I think there needs to be a ban on Obama from this country.


Disemboweling the bill of rights won't save anyone. Mass shooters look for weak high-profile targets, not high moral ground.


Obama's kids school has armed guards.

Remy Sheppard

Since my original comment was deleted by your moderators, I will leave my response at my blog.


As a person who studies American history, i have come to
respect our fore-fathers and how they set up our government. They knew too well
that if given a chance, a government without controls would become dictatorial
once again. That is the main reason the 2nd Amendment was made. It was and is
the only solution to an increasingly overbearing government. Politicians who
advocate for gun control, i believe do not have our countries long term future
in mind. When the time comes, please stand up for the individual liberties that
our country was built upon. Tragedies that occur should never sway doing what
is right for personal liberties.

Roberto Borke

"Gun free zones" are killing our kids. The guilt for these deaths belong to the politicians that voted for these killing zones. They should face felony homicide charges. For heaven sake do it for the children.


Yeah, we firearms owners will do just that.

dieter k

Obama...there's an old saying down here in Texas..."come and take it". So...come on down to take away guns...you'll even get a reception.


this is exaclty the kind of response one expects from one who is so uninformed and ignorant of the law and of liberty, rights and the constitution. Of course that doesn't matter since you think you are building a new world.

If Loonza's mother had not been able to buy her murder machines, then those 20 innocent children would still be alive this week. Shame on all the gun-clutchers who think that their right to bear arms includes high capacity ammo cartridges and automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Caress your penis-stand-ins while you can, gun-nuts. We are coming for them.

Posted by: MM | December 21, 2012 at 10:22 AM"

Total ignorance...


I'll give up my guns to protect my family when Obama gives up his Secret Service, and Pelosi and Reid (and the rest of the Washington scumbags) give up their personal body guards. Why do they deserve protection, but we peons do not?


Lets lobby congress to impeach Obama, or lobby for the reopening of mental health treatment facilities which were largely closed in the 80's, the LAST time we were overwhelmed by the liberals "we know better"

If the persons who were shooters (VA. Tech, Colorado, Conn.) had been given treatment after diagnosis we wouldn't be here now.

If we had a LEADER as president, the economy wouldn't be here now.


We can lobby congress too. And democrats west of the mississippi and south of the mason-dixon line are likely to stand for empowerment of the people.

Robert G

I will lobby congress to repeal the federal law that make it illegal for an honest person to have a gun in a school. Gun control is a failure from the start. Lets focus on real problems

Tim Young

I realize this may be harsh, but Obama couldn't address his own home address. I will definitely lobby Congress NOT to create more gun restrictions!

Al T

He will give a response to this petition but what about the petitions to secede? I am going to petition to get this tyrant impeached. He has stepped on and taken one too many rights and it needs to stop. They want to disarm us so we are weak and can't fight the coming changes in his hidden agenda.

mark meyer

What a worm we have as POTUS. He really thinks people agree with him on anything. Guns will always be part of our culture through our constitutional rights. This slob knows he can't do anything about it. How about attacking the violent hollywood culture you so graciously support?

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