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December 13, 2012

Obama continues public pitch on fiscal cliff with TV interviews

President Obama will participate in a round of television interviews Thursday afternoon as he continues to try to pressure Congress on his proposal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff through a public relations blitz.

Failure to reach a deadline by the end of the year would mean that $500 billion in tax increases take effect early next year, coupled with $109 billion in spending reductions, the first installment toward $1.2 trillion in cuts over two years.

The White House has likely chosen stations based on the area's congressional members. The stations are WPVI, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; WLTV Univision 23, Miami, Florida; WCCO, Minneapolis, Minnesota; and KCRA, Sacramento, California.

The interviews will take place in the Diplomatic Room of the White House.


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Justin Opinion

Events like our government’s current negotiations over the fiscal cliff only reinforce the tediousness of 24 hour news channels when nothing’s happening. How many discussions and opinions can you have about a topic before it becomes pointless?

Given my exasperation with the perpetual reporting of nothing, rumors and supposition, let’s cut to the chase…(read more at: http://www.justinopinion.com)

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