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December 18, 2012

Democratic caucus chairman Larson on cost of living changes

There's talk that the way cost of living increases are calculated could change under a fiscal cliff deal. Democrats have long resisted a change. But would they accept it if President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner agreed?

House Democratic leaders were asked about this after their caucus Tuesday.

Here's Caucus Chairman John Larson, D-Conn: "We didn't get into that kind of discussion. Again, and the reason is, there isn't a concrete plan or details before the Caucus. You know, all of you can generally surmise what people in the Caucus have had to say about that, but until there's any kind of concrete proposal that's something that people will actually vote on, you know, it seems like a moving target so not really much we can comment on there."

But in the abstract, he was asked, a change in the way cost of living is calculated?

"Well, the abstract—it's more than the abstract but we're not going to comment on that."

Then Larson added, "Listen: the nation is in a very difficult spot and this is where we expect our leaders to step up. What we've seen happen so far is that the President continues to step up. But we see resistance. We have said from the outset here that we understand the difficult John Boehner has with the more recalcitrant Members of his caucus who perhaps are not for any proposal. We continue to stand with the President in fair and balanced proposal that has to accomplish the goals that he has outlined. Thus far we have not seen that kind of response emanating from the side."



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