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December 07, 2012

Boehner blasts Democrats' "slow walk" strategy on fiscal cliff

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, Friday criticized Democrats as not being serious enough in efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff.

"The Democrats’  plan to slow-walk our economy to the edge of the fiscal cliff instead of  engaging in serious talks is a threat to our economy," he said.

He recalled House Republican's Monday offer, which included $800 billion in unspecified new revenue.

"Republicans have  offered a balanced proposal to avert the cliff that includes spending  cuts and tax reforms the president once supported; the White House has  only offered a joke that couldn’t pass the House or the Senate," Boehner said.

"Republicans passed bipartisan legislation stopping the tax hikes and  replacing the defense sequester to avert the fiscal cliff; Senate  Democrats talked openly about driving off of it. And while the president  insists on raising small businesses’ tax rates instead of cutting  spending, small business hiring plans have plummeted. That takes jobs  away from the American people at the very time small businesses are  struggling to create them.

The Democrats’ slow-walk  strategy is unfair to taxpayers, unfair to small businesses, and unfair  to all those looking for work. If the president doesn’t like our plan,  he has an obligation to send us one that can pass both houses of  Congress as quickly as possible. We’re ready and eager to work with him  on such a proposal.”


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It seems that we learn some things as we go. I have an idea for when I am king. I would create a special bank that has unlimited funds for government spending. This would eliminate taxes altogether, and it would eliminate any fiscal cliffs.

Companies would have more money to pay employees higher wages. I don't know if you can have even wages for everyone, it's just beyond me at the moment. I just feel that the income disparities in America roughly equate to slave labor. I think this can be regulated, just like inflation.



He's a joker. He's a career politician that can't actually help our country, because he's not that kind of smart. He's just one of these guys that gets into these arbitrary debates so he can keep saying "our economy is in trouble" while collecting almost $200k salary from taxpayer money.

"Slow walk" is just his latest banter / rhetoric and it is clear that politicians do not understand how taxes and budgets work, anyway, having allowed budget deficits basically every year since the 1940s.

Throw them all out and I will assume the position of king..

I personally would end Medicare as part of the deal, keeping the tax for a $500 b gain on the deficit. I know Medicare is separate and does not run a deficit, but it is a futile thing, health insurance for retirees. It would be a decrease in spending and would not increase taxes, but that doesn't cover the whole deficit.

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