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November 03, 2012

Romney gives weekly GOP address, says "The choice before you is clear"

Mitt Romney Saturday offered the nation his closing argument in the Republicans' weekly radio address, asking voters to set the country on a new course.

"The choice before you is clear:  We can wait four more years for real change … or we can take things in a new direction in just a few short days," the Republican presidential nominee said.

He described how he would quickly pursue five major goals: 

"First, we’ll achieve North American energy independence by the year 2020.  Second, we’ll make sure our students and workers have the skills they need to succeed.

"Third, we’ll promote trade that works for America—and crack down on countries like China when they cheat.

"Fourth, we’ll cut the deficit from Day One—and balance our budget within 10 years. And finally we’ll champion our small businesses, the engine of job creation in this country."

Romney added, "Look, I know we face big challenges, and we don’t need more catchphrases or word games.  We don’t need more of the same petty partisan attacks.  We need a leader, a leader with a real plan that will deliver real results.

"My opponents have spent much of this campaign talking about small things.  But the challenges we face are real and they are big.  That’s why Paul Ryan and I are focused on how we can make our way back to prosperity and opportunity, how we can rebuild a strong military and fashion a strong economy."

To read the entire address: http://www.mittromney.com/blog/mitt-romney-delivers-weekly-republican-address


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Thomas Nass

Romney says: "The choice before you is clear."
That being, if I win, the Middle Class is toast!

Thomas Nass

As with all Plans, until proven to work, are illusions. Ergo, at best, Romney’s “Five(5) Point Plans(?)” are Illusions! Or, in Romney’s case, one of the many figments of his imagine!
“Romney’s “Vision(?)” for America” includes a “Government by Corporations” with no one to speak for the Worker! The Worker will be subject to the Rules(?), however harsh, of the Corporation. If those Rules(?) are Questioned, the Worker’s questions will be ignored or worse, they are Fired! There will be no Unions around to back up the Worker. Such a questionable “Vision(?)” is a little too myopic for me! If you believe otherwise “You’ll be SORREEEEE”!
The only thing that is certain about Romney and Ryan, their wealthy proprietors, the Republican Party and miscellaneous sycophants, is that they all despise Obama. Not Obama’s policies, nor his inability, thus far, to correct all of the monumental blunders he inherited from the Bush/Cheney era, but Obama himself.
Prejudice is a malignant state of mind, devoid of intellect and sustained by hate and can bring our Great Country down! Trying to reason the prejudice out of someone is like trying to convince a corpse that physical therapy is the only solution to its problem.

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