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November 16, 2012

McConnell offers Obama some (rare) praise

The man who famously said his No. 1 goal was seeing that President Obama serve a single term had some rare words of praise today for the president.

After a meeting at the White House aimed at averting a tumble off the fiscal cliff, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell offered a final observation on another issue -- giving Obama credit for his upcoming trip to Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma.

"I hadn't had a chance to talk with the president about his trip to Burma, a country that I've had a longstanding interest in over the 20 years," McConnell said. "I want to commend him for going, I think it's an important step for him to take."

Obama leaves tomorrow for an Asia trip that will include a stop in Myanmar. Some human rights observers have said that it's too soon for the U.S. to reward the country with a presidential visit, but administration officials said they hope the visit shows the country's government what it can achieve as it opts for democracy.


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WHY has Mitch had a 20 year interest in Burma/Myanmar?

Is he a member of The Family/The Fellowship/C Street and does that religio/political/business cult have some agenda there?

When people like McConnell have an interest in a country, like Jim DeMinted had in Honduras a couple of years ago, I want to know why. They don't appear to be the type of politicians usually interested in foreign policy.

Thomas Nass

As someone once remarked: "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names".

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