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November 04, 2012

Lively crowd in Cincinnati, both for and against Obama

ProtestCincinnati played host to one lively Obama rally tonight.

The crowd of 15,500 at the University of Cincinnati basketball arena was as boisterous as crowds go, even in the final days before the presidential election.

Two protestors disrupted Obama's speech near the start -- a rarity at one of his campaign rallies.

"Answer the question!" one man yelled, holding up a sign with photos of fetuses. He wouldn't leave and was dragged out by four officers. The crowd tried to drown out the commotion.

WonderBut the chanting didn't help. The whole arena, including Obama, looked up at the protestor sitting high in the stands.

Obama paused, but then kept on with his speech.

"It's okay,'' he told the crowd. Then, after the second protest, he joked that they were Tennessee Titans fans angry about Bears game.

Obama's speech was similar to those he had made in the closing days of the election as he flies across the nation, touting his record, criticizing Republican Mitt Romney and asking for four more years. But he showed more enthusiasm than usual.

"We got your back, Barack!" a man yelled.

And here, in Ohio, Obama of course made sure to talk about a controversial TV ad Romney is airing that alludes to Chrysler moving Toledo jobs to China.

"You don't scare people just to scare up some votes...that's not what being president is all about!"

The crowd kept up their excitement for hours as they waited for the president by jamming and dancing and singing along with a live perfomance by singer Steve Wonder.

He sang a couple classics, including Superstition, and modified other songs to incorporate the words: Fired up! Ready to go!

As the rally closed, Wonder took the stage again, singing "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," an Obama rally favorite. Obama clapped and sang along briefly before shaking hands in the crowd.


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