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September 27, 2012

Obama up 65-24 over Romney among Jewish voters

Sixty-five percent of American Jewish voters back President Barack Obama, while 24 percent support Republican Mitt Romney, according to a new American Jewish Committee national survey. The think tank and advocacy organization also found about 10 percent undecided.

Romney has made a strong effort to attract Jewish voters, visiting Israel this summer and maintaining he'd be a strong ally of Israel than Obama.

But he hasn't picked up Jewish support. A March survey found 61 percent chose Obama and 28 percent for Romney.

The trend follows a historic pattern. In 2008, according to exit polls, Obama got more than three-fourths of the Jewish vote.

Among the new survey's findings:

Orthodox Jews support Romney over Obama by 54 to 40 percent. Conservative Jews are 64 to 23 percent for Obama. Reform Jews are 68 to 23 percent for Obama.

Among 18-29 year olds, 65 percent support Obama and 26 percent are for Romney. Those 30-44 years old are  57 to 24 percent for Obama; among 45-59 year olds, 65 to 27 percent for Obama; and among those 60-plus, 68 to 22 percent for Obama.

Obama has more support among Jewish women, 69 to 19 percent, than men, 61 to 29 percent, against Romney.

To read more: http://news.yahoo.com/ajc-national-survey-american-jewish-opinion-shows-obama-212400189.html


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You would have to be completely insane to vote for B.O. again.

Thomas Nass

Go, Barack!

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