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September 26, 2012

Obama still feeling the heat on foreign affairs as he turns to domestic politics

President Obama is off to campaign in Ohio -- where polls show him opening up a double digit lead over challenger Mitt Romney.

But the Romney campaign is still hitting him on foreign affairs, asking why Obama hasn't called the deadly attacks in Libya a "terrorist attack." The Republican National Committee is out with a new video that shows other administration officials calling the attack a terrorist attack.

"President Obama has failed to acknowledge what his own administration and the American people already know to be true – the horrendous attacks in Benghazi were acts of terrorism against the United States of America," said Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams. "Mitt Romney believes these terrible acts were terrorism and should be condemned as such."

And on TV today, NBC's Chuck Todd told Obama campaign spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter that the fact that Obama held no meetings with world leaders at the United Nations this week "doesn't seem like a very defensible position."

Cutter called it a "question for my colleagues at the White House," but repeated the White House's line that as "president, you're always talking to world leaders, it's just not one event it's every day."


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