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May 01, 2012

Republicans' Inhofe on Obama Afghanistan trip: "Clearly this trip is campaign related"

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., Tuesday criticized President Obama's surprise visit to Afghanistan as a political move.

"Our troops on the front lines always appreciate a visit from the Commander-in-Chief. Obama’s last visit was in December 2010, and the last time he addressed the nation about Afghanistan was June 2011," Inhofe said. "Clearly this trip is campaign related.

"We’ve seen recently that President Obama has visited college campuses in an attempt to win back the support of that age group since he has lost it over the last three years. Similarly, this trip to Afghanistan is an attempt to shore up his national security credentials, because he has spent the past three years gutting our military."


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R. Burleigh

And of course, none of GWB's trips to Afghanistan were "political". It's only so when Obama does it. More Republican double standard.

This is what "debate" has come to - carping about pet peeves and political talking points. Do they have any disagreement with policy on Afghanistan? It would seem not as they have chosen to comment on the inconsequential. Which means that, by default, Inhofe concurs with the security agreement he signed while there. (But since no Republican is ever allowed to agree with Obama on anything, agreement by default is all they have.)

Thomas Nass

I would ask senator Inhofe, as well as his fellow ersatz legislators and lawmakers, to pay more attention to correcting the problems confronting this Country and less -to none, time looking for insignificant things to critize others about.
It has long been my feeling that Job Security had become an Illusion.
Of late, I have begun to feel that political Bipartisanship has also become an Illusion.
If the latter becomes a Reality, it won't be long before Democracy becomes an Illusion!
So I say: Beware of those, whomsoever, who would attempt to Divide us for Dividers can only be conceived as Architects and Merchants of Hate, Violence and Chaos. The inevitable end products of which are -as you might imagine, Hate, Violence and Chaos!
Tom Nass
5th Marine Division - WWII

Thomas Nass

I would have to say to Sen. Inhofe: "So what!"
And I would ask Sen. Inhofe: Isn't your comment about Obama just as "political"?
Anything you politicians say, do or not do, is "political"!

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