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May 31, 2012

President Bush says of his portrait: Now you'll be able to gaze at it and ask, "What would George do?"

President Bush returned to the White House Thursday for his official portrait unveiling -- and largely stole the show, telling President Obama that when he's wandering the halls as he wrestles with tough decisions, "you will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, 'What would George do?' "

And he noted that his portrait "brings an interesting symmetry to the White House collection: It now starts and ends with a George W." (The first White House portrait was of George Washington.)

Bush noted that when the British burned the White House in 1814, Dolley Madison famously saved the "portrait of the first George W."

Nodding to Michelle Obama, he added, "Now, Michelle, if anything happens there's your man."


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any sitting president who asked such a question of this new work of art has better expections of
a sensible answer from the blank wall behind the frame.


If there was ever a justification for having a "like" button on blog posts, it's jj153's comment...


George would run to Maine and call Dick

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