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March 29, 2012

McConnell wants law repealed, regardless of what Supreme Court says

Mitch McConnell doesn't need the Supreme Court to rule before he acts on health care.

Repeal the law, the Senate Republican leader said Thursday, period, regardless of what the court, which Wednesday wrapped up three days of hearings on the case, does. The court is expected to rule in early summer.

McConnell, R-Ky.,is ready to move ahead regardless of the ruling.

"This law is bad for Kentucky. It’s bad for the country," he said in a Senate floor speech Thursday morning. "It’s bad for health care. Americans don’t want it. And regardless of what the court decides this summer, it should be repealed and it should be replaced.

 “It should be replaced with common sense reforms that lower costs and that Americans actually want —reforms that protect jobs and state budgets, reduce the deficit, reform entitlements, and strengthen dicare."



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Americans by a vast majority want the Affordable Care Act to become law. I think that come November you will see Americans not wanting McConnell and his other women hating wingnut Republicans.

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