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February 08, 2012

Congress' approval rating hits new low

Congress' approval rating, already dismal last year, has hit a new low.

Gallup found in its Feb. 2-5 survey that Congress' approval rating had sunk to 10 percent.

The rating averaged 17 percent last year, with the highest number, 24 percent, logged in May. 

But Congress was beset last year by partisan gridlock, leading to a bitter summer fight over raising the nation's debt ceiling and a pre-Christmas showdown over continuing a Social Security payroll tax cut.

"It is difficult to pinpoint any specific recent actions that may have led to the continuing deterioration in Congress' image, particularly because much of the political attention in January and early February has focused on the Republican presidential race," a Gallup analyis said.

"Congress at this point is again wrangling over the extension of the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits -- both of which were temporarily extended late last year in a short-term fix that expires at the end of February."

1,029 people were sureyed. Margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points.


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KartaPurkh Khalsa

Well isn't that special? The only problem is come November those same voters will have been hypnotized by the ad campaigns of these very same bottom feeders and their cohorts and they'll forget about low approval ratings and pull the levers for the very same bottom feeders they don't approve of now. It's the same old story: Fool me once it';s your fault, fool me twice, or three or four or five times and it's just because I'm stoopid!
Good luck from the small town of Getwhatyoudeserve, Idaho


Is there a minus percent column?


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