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October 05, 2011

Why Palin didn't run: Republicans didn't want her

Regardless of what she felt about time with her family, there was one practical political reason Sarah Palin finally said she will not seek the 2012 Republican presidential nomination: Republicans didn’t want her.

As early as last winter, Republicans and conservative activists started telling me they’d moved on. They said they didn’t like the fact she’d quit her job as governor midway through her term, and that they didn’t think she was showing any interest in learning about national issues.

"Her major weakness is that she needs to bone up on how the government works," said Don Long, a retiree from Lake Wylie, S.C., told me last February. "I don't know if she's done as much of that as she needs to."

She paled next to Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who wowed early gatherings of conservatives with her ability to talk in depth, and in a compelling way, about issues form debt to foreign policy.

By this fall, the sentiment was overwhelming.

By 72 percent to 24 percent, Republicans and Republican-leaning independents told a McClatchy-Marist Poll last month they did not want her to run.

Even 68 percent of tea party supporters, her would-be base, said they did not want her to run.


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I Can't believe this Bimbo thinks she is Smart....LOL

jean luc

Anybody paying attention since immediately after the 2008 election would know this announcement would come and say what it says. Mrs. Palin never intended to run for president, but she baited the country and kept the media and public guessing for her own benefit. It was obvious from the start. Free publicity is priceless and the media was a willing accomplice.

Bryan Sciver

It is a tragedy. I agree that nobody wants her. She was yesterday news after she opened her mouth and spoke. The fact that she occupied the News for so long. That is what bothers me. The Murdoch's News Corporation is fixated on her like she is someone worth listening to. She has never had anything worthwhile to offer this country. The Murcoch Fox News distorts everything which is why she plays so well with them since she is all abort distortion, loud noise, and hissing from the audience

R B Quinn

It doesn't matter why ... the important thing is that she isn't running!

V W House

Bachmann wowed conservatives with her ability to talk in depth? Oh, yes, that does make sense, given she is always in over her head. Farce.

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