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December 12, 2010

Levin: Obama should push New Year's showdown with GOP on taxes

Democrats, led by President Barack Obama, should force a New Year's Eve showdown with Republicans, said Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., Sunday.

The Bush-era income tax cuts expire Dec. 31. Obama last week agreed to a compromise with congressional Republicans to extend all the cuts; votes are expected this week. But many Demorats are furious, saying he should have pushed hard to extend the cuts only for those earning less than $250,000.

Levin, interviewed on C-SPAN's "Newsmakers" by McClatchy and Congressional Quarterly reporters, outlined the New Year's Eve scenario.

He was asked if Obama is pushing hard enough for the legislation he wants. Generally, yes, said Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"The one thing where I'm not satisfied with the presidential push is that I believe he should use the bully pulpit to say something like this on taxes:

'This is the thing I believe in as president.' Go through the list of things he believes. (Say) 'I don't believe in tax cuts for upper bracket people or that estate tax bonanza for the rich...and I'm going to fight this."

To wage that fight, Levin said, Obama should say, he's going to "use all the power he has on the bully pulpit and urge the Senate to stay in, right up to the new year, and (if) the Republicans at the end of December want to continue to filibuster a tax cut aimed at helping middle income people instead of upper income poeople, that is something which they will have to take on their own heads."

But Levin doesn't expect that scenario to unfold. "That's the problem, that I don't see that kind of a willingness to fight that hard, where he will take that kind of a position, and that's what's necessary in the Senate and House," Levin said.

"These are tests of wills, and we need all the help we can from the president," he said. "Is the help thee? Yes. Does it come to the extend I would like to see it in the way I would like to see it? No, it has not come in that form which I think is essential to come down in the right way, what I believe to be the best way in terms, for instance, of the tax bill."


To read about the see the interview: http://www.c-span.org/Series/Newsmakers.aspx


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Irene Grooms

Why not every one get a tax break you people in washington are rich and dont need one.If you don't find jobs for us your money might just peter out .


Go ahead, let the tax cuts expire. When the new congress takes over, they will make even bigger tax cuts for everyone.


And therein lies the problem. Mr. Levin would rather let the middle-class American drown in debt as long as he can make it political and make it look like the "Republicans did it".. I am so sick of hearing that from these clowns. Sad news is, these guys are all rich and will feel absolutely NO Pain while they let us suffer.

Wana Care

Obama pretends to be mad at Banard so that it looks a little better than to show the world how the Republicans and Democrats are partners in crime for their own profit, esp. when Pres. Obama lets the tax break go through for the riches people in the nation, all the while he is cutting every social program on the books & increasing military spending.

Call Pres., Senator, Congressman & tell them you want 3 Things 1. Filibuster against tax break no matter what 2. Appreciate Assange & examine Wiki crimes 3. Give UK Sec. Hague his reguest for uncharged Shaker Aamer in Guantanamo for the 9th YR. (last of 15 UK victims)


All this angst and upset by the left has all to do with not being included ---at the table -- von the camera...!!

They can say 'I voted against it before I voted for it!.

When the likes of Krautie at WaPo...is screeming--you know that Obama is doing it right!

The rest is just political rhetoric..When was congress going to take the fight to a vote???...They could have done it in October but no --they did not want to take it BEFORE the midterms...

If you do not listen to the BScoming from the fox channel and NBC-ABC repeaters then you might see this is for the PEOPLE!

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