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November 17, 2010

President George H.W. Bush tops Obama's latest Medal of Freedom picks

President Obama will present the nation's highest civilian honor to 15 recipients (one posthumously) at a ceremony early next year. The full list of recipients released by the White House this afternoon includes:

President George H. W. Bush

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis (D-Ga.)

John H. Adams, co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council

Poet Maya Angelou­­

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett

Artist Jasper Johns

Gerda Weissmann Klein, Holocaust survivor and Jewish author and U.S. citizenship advocate

Tom Little (Posthumous), optometrist killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan on a humanitarian mission earlier this year

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma

Hispanic civil rights activist Sylvia Mendez

Baseball legend Stan Musial

Basketball playing and coaching legend and civil rights figure Bill Russell

Jean Kennedy Smith, former U.S. ambassador to Ireland

John J. Sweeney, AFL-CIO president emeritus


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Would that be the same GHW Bush the war-profiteering spook who oversaw the Iran-Contra scam, the Bay of Pigs, managed terrorism in Central America, palled around with dictators like Noriega and Hussein..? -What, is Obama (not) thinking? Medal of Freedom? What a travesty.

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