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April 08, 2010

Here's the long version of the WikiLeaks video

For those of you who want to see the longer version of the video of U.S. helicopters targeting a group of men in Baghdad who included a Reuters news service photographer and driver, here it is. The video is disturbing, both for the glee the American pilots seem to take in the bloodshed and for what seems to be an unnecessary targeting of people who seem to pose no threat. You can find the earlier post here.


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Walter Wellstone

Halliburton should use robots instead of government troops to take over oil-producing countries in the future. It'll be cheaper and it'll make it easier to explain the next time screw-ups like this happen. They can always say it was caused by a software problem.

Matt H

Umm, Marc, they followed ROE. Got permission to engage targets and only fired when they thought the "enemy" was armed. It's a mistake, not a war crime. You're a dick.

Marc S. Lawrence

Dear God, why?

Without a doubt, this film depicts cold-blooded murder. Mass murder. War crimes.

As an American, It fills me with fury and grief to witness my fellow citizens slaughter helpless, innocent people. They have shamed my country.

They're as bad as terrorists who stalk Westerners, set off bombs and plant IUDs.

Their appalling actions completely undermine the notion that there's a significant moral distinction between Saddam Hussein and the leadership of the United States.

The U.S. military MUST reveal the identities of these animals and bring them to justice. I demand it!

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