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April 02, 2010

Get on your feet! Barack Obama to raise money with Gloria Estefan

President Barack Obama conveyed his harshest rebuke yet of Cuba's government last week and, hours later, Gloria Estefan protested repression in Havana from the streets of Miami.

Now, they'll be together again when the Cuban-born singer and her husband, Emilio, host Obama at their Miami Beach homeApril 15 for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser, when the president comes to Florida to talk about cuts to the NASA space program.

The $30,400-a-couple cocktail reception is the Estefans' first political fundraiser, said Democratic consultant Freddy Balsera, who advised Obama's campaign on Hispanic issues and is close to the couple.

It's not their first presidential encounter. Here's Gloria's Christmas interview with POTUS.


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hadassah Weinreb

Bam Bam is keenly aware that his base funding is drying up. Like a vampire, constantly seeking new victims,he needs to tap into new sources of money. Start wearing silver & garlic cloves Gloria.


Maybe Obama should let Gloria have a copy of his list of donors that includes heads of nations that sponsor terror. Maybe he can also tell her that they need to send the money through anonymous gift cards that he received by the thousands in the last campaign. Or...maybe Obama can tell her how he raised money for Palestinian terrorists who planted bombs in baby carriages in Israel. That is just before the time when he announced, "I dont understand America's support for Israel".

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