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March 17, 2010

POTUS health care interview on Fox News

In his interview today with Fox News' Bret Baier (Fox has posted the transcript) President Obama largely stuck to his talking points in making the case for passage of his health care overhaul to a conservative television audience that includes many doubters and flat-out opponents.

The president made clear he's not overly concerned about the legislative process at this point; he just wants to get to the vote (or votes, really) that get his health care overhaul across the finish line. He doesn't want to revisit how once upon a time before his presidency he spoke of how a president who gets bare majority votes has trouble governing. When backed into a corner, he reiterated that he considers getting insurance for Americans who don't have it now to be paramount to these concerns.

At the same time, Obama indicated he doesn't think there's any way House Democrats who want to avoid heat for voting on the Senate bill can do so, deem-and-pass or not.

". . . if people vote yes, whatever form that takes, that is going to be a vote for health care reform. And I don't think we should pretend otherwise."

Obama snipped at Baier to stop interrupting him, which Baier did when he thought the president was dragging out talking points to avoid direct answers. At one point, it got to this:

BAIER: Sir, I know you don't like to filibuster, but —

OBAMA: Well, I'm trying to answer your question and you keep on interrupting.

In the end, Baier apologized to the president for his interruptions, explaining,"I tried to get the most for our buck here."


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Obama is WAY cool...a class act.


George Machock-if you could read AND understand, you would get your info correct. UNINSURED patients were the most frequent users of hospital emergency departments, followed by mediCARE patients, NOT MEDICAID. NOW- rationalize your way out of that one.


Obummer is such an arrogant a**. He doesn't care that most people don't like what he's trying to cram down their throats. He thinks his SHORT period of time as a senator (and a year trying to figure out the job of president) makes him wise.
No, Mr. Obummer (I won't address him as "president" because he ran illegally) you are just an ARROGANT MORON!

lambert strether

Making failure to buy junk insurance a Federal crime -- what could go wrong?

Mama Sher

Frankly, I've seen how Fox News interviews people who are Democrats or anybody whose opinions differ from their own. They keep interrupting and making rude comments, trying very hard not to let the person speak in full sentences. They do not treat Republicans like this. Fox is to TV News what the National Inquirer is to newspapers. The news is paid for by the rich and designed to appeal to the rubes who will believe anything if it sounds like gossip.


Those that support Herr Obama had best get their heads out of their butts or they'll find out soon enough that you gets what you pay for and in the case of the HC bill you'll be paying through your butts forever.


Yes, the Bush/CheneyInc. f'ed this nation up to the max and it will take 50 years to get the mess back in some type of order no matter who is president. But the Bush SC has said that all seats in our government are for sale to who ever can afford one or more, I'm sure AIPAC already owns it's share.

mme flutterbye

Many of you are spouting talking points of your party without any idea of what's in the HCB.

If you want to see what the HCB will do for your district go to


Cindy Merrill

Obama did not answer the question Independants like myself are asking: If this Healthcare Reform is so great, why are backroom deals and special deals with certain States included in this bill? I just wanted him to answer.

William Collins

Obviously you are from another planet. The reporter from FOX did a great job trying to get BARACK HUSSAIN OBAMA to actually answer questions that the majority of Americans want to know about.
Obama avoided answering a question by using the established Democrat Talking points.
Perhaps more people will understand that Fox does try to ask the tough questions to all politicians.

Will Shirley

@Cindy: this is what happens when we fail to teach logic in schools. Your personal experience in unemployment cannot be expanded to cover every situation in the country. It's nice that you don't whine about being poor, except that you are whining about the poor.
"I am tired of paying for everyone to have what they need."
Everyone does NOT have what they need, Cindy. My son, for instance, is in a brain injury hospital and he needs tests and therapy in order to recover the use of his body, but people like you feel that being washed once a week is good enough for him. My daughter is out of work now for well over a year and she is not whining, she's looking for work. She has no insurance and needs it. My son has Medicare but it won't pay to make him better. Aren't we supposed to be the country where we take care of those who have fallen behind the rest? The "Christian Nation"? Apparently you'd rather it was a failed state where everybody is on their own for care. Like in those post-WW3 movies! Cindy, some of us need help, we aren't whining, we just could use a hand. If you don't care to care and have no heart to help, please just stay out of the way.


The faux interviewer was rude interrupting our president and showed contempt. A jerk, but, isn't that to be expected from the republican network that works for the insurance cartel and big business against Americans--Yes.

The HC bill will pass, and the less intelligent Americans who have been fighting against their own best interests will be glad it did.


The prez is a moron, plain and simple. The people that blindly follow are even worse. I am not a republican, but a democrat, and I am ashamed of the democratic party. I do not want this bill anywhere near to passing, regardless of who it is supposed to help. I am tired of paying for everyone to have what they need. Pay for it yourself or do without it. I have not had insurance in over 2 years, but I haven't bit*hed or went on the public dole. I just went without until I got a job and could PAY for it myself. Imagine that, paying your own way! What a concept. Something certain people in this country have never wanted to do or have done. And paying for all the illegals is an even bigger issue for me!

George Machock

In spite of the fact that Pres. Obama
was doing a rope a dope Brett did get his two cents in. The Prez answered but, in indirect ways. If you are unbiased you would have noticed nothing was said. Our ER's
are going broke because they are being used as Drs offices by those who have Medicaid but, who will not visit a Dr until it's too late.


No...the morons are the ones that think everything was fine until obama was elected!! bush absolutely 'f'd this entire country up and having that idiot and the rest of the 'cabal' ruin this country...they all need to be tried for treason and hung!! ill volunteer to kick the damn chairs!! and the rest of you that actually believe these filthy lying republicans need to be taken behind the wood shed and beat with a cane...singapore style..its time to get your mind right!!!


I wish Fox "News" would disappear into devil dust.


the interviewer on Fox wanted simple answers to complex issues. I can imagine that he would have treated any of the Bushies the way he did my President tonight. HCR will pass,people will remember it was done, not how it got there and the democrats will have accomplised something the private insurance industry has failed to do for 60 years since Medicare was enacted: to make affordable health care available to all americans. 3,000 innocents died in the twin towers and the country went to war. Each year, 39,000 americans die for lack of access to health care and all that is talked about is insurance company profitability and the free markets. The republican cocepts of free markets has damaged financial markets worldwide, weakened our nation, is fiscally irresponsible and destructive to the future of this democracy. Obama did just fine on FOX, too bad the interviewer was so crude, rude and obnoxious.


It is interesting that Obama even considered going on a Fox News program. Since his election, Fox has consistantly denigrated our President and attempted to denigrate his program. As an RN who worked in a huge University Hospital, I know first hand the sad situation of many uninsured Americans. Sadly, through lack of care, children go without medical attention and eventually the high cost for emergency care takes it's high cost toll on our health care resources. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand this is a truly unGodly and stupid approach for medical management. So, although I am a life long Republican, my experience prompts me to push for health care legislation passage immediately. To do less is not only costly, but unGodly also!


Faux News is not used to interviewing intelligent, articulate people who can actually converse instead of giving short, one sentence answers to their partisan questions.


How is it possible to know what Obama said on Fox? The interviewer kept talking over him. How rude!!!!! But then I guess Fox left its manners somewhere other than the television sudio.


Our president is an absolute moron. He wont answer critical questions because he can't defend his obsession with the catastrophic bill that will destroy this nation. God help us all if this Tyrant gets away with his visions for this country!

Dr. M

Fox News is crazy. I am sorry that Obama is even trying to appease these nut cases.

Richard H. Davis

A politician who answered the question that he wanted to answer instead of the one that was asked? I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED. (Keep in mind that it appears that no one, including the President, knows at this moment exactly what is or will be in the bill. Really unfortunate, and something which I find nearly incomprehensible, after nearly a year.)


I think the handwriting is on the wall for the minority of the complainers in this country. The majority who support our President, Vice President, and the Cabinet pon the health care bill will see that this passes for the good of ALL the citizens, not just the rich b**t**ds. The insurance companies will have to be more accountable and waste less money on huge salaries. The bill will be passed... THEN they will fine tune it. Thank you, President Obama!


President Obama was rude, refused to answer the questions, and failed to state any reason anyone would vote for this. The man lies to us at most opportunities. While in the senate he stated going around the process is acting against the constitution, now he says he does not care about the process. He will say or do anything to get his way. Even at the expense and against the wishes of the American People.

James Andrews

One of the best interviews with Obama ever. Baier wasn't rude but tried to make the President actually answer the question that was asked. Obama tried to just keep saying the same things and would not answer. It was very telling.

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