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February 23, 2010

Public split on health care legislation

The public remains unenthusiastic about health care legislation, a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll showed Tuesday.

The nationwide Feb. 11-16 survey found a 43-43 split when people were asked if they favored  or opposed health care legislation. President Barack Obama will host a bipartisan health care summit Thursday.

The good news for his effort is that huge majorities want specific changes, such as providing tax credits to small businesses and creating a health insurance exchange, or marketplace, where consumers can more easily shop for coverage.

But the public is also impatient. Thirty-two percent said lawmakers should move soon to pass legislation--but 22 percent urged Congress to put the issue on hold and try to deal with it later in the year. Another 19 percent said Congress should stop working on health care altogether, and 20 percent urged working on only a few key provisions.

To read more about the poll: http://www.kff.org/kaiserpolls/posr022310nr.cfm


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The whole point of passing healthcare asap was to relieve Democrats seeking reelection to have to account for their votes so close to the election. How odd Democrats ought to be afraid of their own views? Why is it Republicans would love to vote on this legislation right before the election? Are our elected for the people or for special interests? Perhaps, its that special interest groups won't influence elections with campaign funds unless they know what they're getting ahead of time.


Pass what, 2000+ pages of gobbledy-gook??

It isn't the ultimate starting point, but at least something like the following passes the sniff test.


Ray Netherwood
Cand for US HR, FL Dist 2


the chance to pass a sincere
health care bill fell by the wayside while those really needed it waited ,i'd be curious as to whom the ones are that are against it probably those who are drinking very well from the taxpayers watering trough that could be a long old list.i've often wondered if distractions are someones hidden political agendas. now just who would have the time and financing to pull that off.for me my mind keeps retracing its steps back to the health related lobbists who seem to appear as some sort of bird circling overhead.i think you have beaten our president handsdown i'm sorry to say.

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