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August 03, 2009

GOP: Obama's not a doctor; he only plays one on TV

Republicans want you to know that, in their view, President Barack Obama's not a doctor, but he plays one on TV.

The House GOP Monday unveiled a new video juxtaposing some recent Obama comments with an old 1980s footage from the ad where an actor explained how he was a doctor on TV only.

House Republican Leader John Boehner drove home the point in a statement:"  This is a lighthearted video, but it underscores a serious point that Congressional Democrats are going to hear throughout August as they travel outside of Washington: Americans want lower health care costs – not a trillion-dollar government takeover of health care that increases costs and lets Washington bureaucrats make decisions that should be made by doctors and patients.”

To see the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egcIKZoNGd8


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What you GOP defenders don't seem to notice is that Obama is trying to change the system so that all Americans can have a viable option when it comes to healthcare. THE GOP only wants to encourage and protect the high profits of the insurance companies. Why is it that you GOP defenders don't care about Americans that don't have health coverage, are working and can't afford health coverage? You are all so blinded by your arrogance and greed - it's a sign of corruption and it's disgusting. The only comfort I can take is that many of you racists old-timers will die. AND THANK GOD FOR THAT! I look forward to a better America, without you old racist Republicans around.


The GOP mock the President, saying he is not a Doctor, while they roll out "religous leaders" as their "I'm not a Doctor, but I know better than President Obama". What part of this do they not understand. Roll out Rick Scott (CPR.org), the mastermind of the HMO who was convicted of fraud...yeah that is really the guy who we should believe has our interest in mind.
If the issue was not critical, we could laugh at the GOP. But as they seem determined to keep the status quo health care that rewards Insurance and Pharmaceutical, etc and ignore the patient, then the GOP and those groups need to be called out and mocked each time they attempt to misdirect the conversation with inane comments such as those stated here!


Obama, does not know the health value difference between a blue pill or a red pill.

He further does not comprehend the differences between a GP or a Surgeon when it comes to ones tonsils..


Republicans aren't funny - unless they're telling us about their grand vision for America or how well they governed. When they're trying to be witty, it's just sad.

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