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August 21, 2009

Florida governor credits God with sparing the state from hurricanes

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said Friday that Florida has been hurricane free thanks to prayer notes he placed on the Western Wall in Jerusalem. He said every year he's placed them there or has asked someone else to do it.

"Dear God," he said the notes read, "Please protect our Florida from storms and other difficulties. Charlie."

Crist, a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat to replace the soon-to-be-exited Mel Martinez, was speaking before a group of Florida real estate agents, who certainly have an interest in a storm-free state.


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So I guess when the next storm doesn't "pass us by the grace of God" then we must have done something wrong. Will Governor Christ know what that wrong doing is? Or are we simply spinning a wheel,taking a gamble? I suggest anyone who prays to keep the storms away should avoid going to stores to buy emergency supplies,you won't need them anyway,right?And leave the emergency supplies to those who don't pray for natural disasters to stay off of our doorstep,we need the supplies,you don't,right? Or are you questioning your faith and figure you had better not take the chance on the wheel? Good luck with that!

Jeff Ray

I think Florida needs a new governor.

Joan Morris

I see from a few of the posts here that Gov Crist has hit his target audience. Those gullible enough to swallow this nonsense. So when hurricanes, tornados & earthquakes demolish your home, your town, your community, does that mean God is mad at you? You are not worthy of his protection? You must deserve His wrath & punishment?
I'd say the American heartland must not be very beloved by the Almighty then, since the midwest ( that great red state swath down the middle of our country) is the most bashed by regular, seasonal natural disasters.

Some of you are too funny ( or too sad-haven't made up my mind yet) I can't believe this is the country that put men on the moon, we've sailed past the outer reaches of the the solar system but God has listened to Gov Crist and kept his state safe.


What incredible baloney! A supposedly responsible government official crediting a non-existant imaginary being for routing a hurricane away from his state. The only thing dumber are the gullible fools who believe this kind of nonsense.

José Mercedes Villalta

An honest glance back to history will lead to unveil a large and clear scene showing the effects of and need for prayer to keep "natural disasters" at bay. Biblical history reveals time and again that the Creator is the commander of the winds. He uses peacefully or fiercily, to bless or to punish. So it is wise for a head of state to seek God´s blessings in prayer to protect his state. Stay the course Mr. Governor and stau true to faith and prayer. You´ve got it. Jose (El Salvador)

Jose mercedes Villalta

Much kudos to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist for his boldness in expressing his heart of faith in God by giving God the credit for protection of Florida in keeping it hurracane free. For those of us who have had real experiences personally with divine protection, the governor´s bold stand is not surprising and rather heartening to know that there are God-fearing people who take a stand for truth. Jose

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