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May 01, 2009

Condi Rice channels Richard Nixon

This video by a Stanford student has been around for a couple of days, but if you haven't watched it's well worth the trouble.

Hear Rice's pitch rise as she defends the harsh interrogation authorized under Bush. Hear her assert that, "with all due respect," Nazi Germany was less of a threat than al Qaida (start at 3 minutes 30 seconds).

Her student interrogator does pretty well pointing out the irrelevancy of some of what she says (4'10"). And she does a great job of treating us to a topsy-turvy view of who deprived the Guantanamo detainees of their due process rights (from about 4'50" to 5'26"). OK, no suspense, it was the Supreme Court. No wonder the student can't answer.

But the best line is her assertion that whatever happened at Guantanamo couldn't have been torture because President Bush authorized it: "By definition, if it was authorized by the president, it did not violate our obligations under the Convention Against Torture" (5'36" to 6'26").

Maybe she should see the movie Frost/Nixon: "When the president does it, it's not illegal."

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Oliver Grill

She is a liar, always has been. If you haven't seen her with students at Berkley, watch her and judge her on her answers to questions put to her from students there. How this woman every took over the job after Powell, is beyond me? I guess the Administraton wanted a yes person to fill his shoes and just go along with anything they wanted her to do for them. A real UNCLE TOM, in my view.....

Mark Seibel

Michael: You should read the last link above. Actually, according to the CIA Inspector General, waterboarding was dropped from SERE training by everyone but the Navy because it was too hard on the troops. The IG also concluded that the waterboarding U.S. service people underwent as part of SERE training was nothing like what the CIA was doing to detainees (once or maybe twice for 30 seconds in a multi-week training period versus scores of times over a month). The IG report concluded that the SERE experience was so different as to make it "irrelevant" to assessing the CIA program. The just declassified Justice Department memos quote from the IG's report, which is still secret. But the declassified memos cite the IG report 34 times, often verbatim.


I think it's ridiculous to call waterboarding torture when every American serviceperson who goes through SERE training is waterboarded. Are they being tortured? Of course, not, it's training.

bill dunham

i have said for many years that being brain dead is the only requirement for being a liberal. i for one am very proud of bush for doing what was necessary to get info to prevent future aTTACKS. i for one believe liberals are a far greater danger to the us than any terrorist

jabo jones

When will the left realize how horrible the attack on 9/11 was to this country and to the victims and their families? I'm sure a lot of decisions were made in haste to protect us from another attack. In hindsight, if waterboarding had prevented 9/11, wouldn't you have been okay with it? Only a strong government can keep us safe from more attacks..

William MacLean

I watched the documentary about Frost/Nixon created by Ron Howard this week and was struck by the audicity and lonliness of the man Nixon who stated unequivically that "Whatever the President does is legal." Here we have it repeated by one of Bush's advisors


Oh, I love her assertion that the prisoner abuse at Abu Gahraib was wrong but it didn't happen anyplace else! And she denies the evidence when confronted with it. They just have no shame. And her snobbish "If you weren't there (after 9/11) then you can't know" anything! That's why they left Washington in disgrace.They have no respect for the common sense of American citizens.


As always, I am astonished by Rice's utter transparency when she lies and/or prevaricates. Arms crossed, trembly voice, palpable defensiveness. How on earth did she ever negotiate as Secretary of State? Oh, never mind.

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